A Winter Spiritual Walk

I am sure you will agree that it looks like winter has finally arrived. Along with winter we have its cold, ice and snow. Up until this past week winter has been very easy, but as I write this the forecast is for a lot of snow. That forecast made me wonder: if I were […]


I blame (President Donald J.) Trump and his base. They had two years to do something about it but failed! Now, that the democrats are in control of the House (of Representatives), they shut down the government. Foolish. It will cost them. That $5 billion belongs to the taxpayers, not just Trump and his base. […]

Looking at health through spiritual thoughts

One day, after leaving my chiropractor’s office, I thought about how my treatments there allow me to tap more readily into my innate energy. Feeling balanced, free and peaceful makes it easier to embrace God’s energy active in me. Jesus empowered all of us to know “The Father” lives within us. In John 14, we […]

GFWC Lake Orion Women’s Club hosts open house

GFWC Lake Orion Women’s Club hosts open house

Do you live in the Volunteer Spirit? Do you like giving back to your community? Then we have just the organization for you! GFWC Lake Orion Women’s Club has been involved in the community since 1914! We provide support to our community, county and international charitable groups. A sampling of just a few of the […]

A new you through self-talk

The New Year is fresh! This time of year it is a common practice to want to change your life up a bit. You may want to give yourself a fresh start in a new job or begin a new diet or exercise program. If you are interested in digging deeper into spiritual living, you […]

Christmas “Good Will To Men” Does Exist!

Traditionally, this is the time of year when acts of kindness make a major impact on our society. People open their hearts and wallets and reach out to those who are struggling either financially or health wise. Stories abound about providing gifts to underprivileged children so that “no kid goes without a Christmas.” And there […]