Re-Elect Birgit McQuiston to the LOCS Board of Education

Birgit McQuiston is one of the hardest working, most well-informed, and compassionate people I have ever met. Birgit’s commitment to Lake Orion Community Schools as a board member, as well as her commitment to Lake Orion as a community member, continually goes above and beyond. Birgit is a constant fixture at LOCS events, community events, […]

Elect Misty Morris to the Lake Orion Board of Education

Misty Morris is a powerhouse! She is the perfect combination of confidence, drive, dedication, and humility. With three children in Lake Orion Schools, she is the perfect person to represent families as a member of the Lake Orion Board of Education. She is an active volunteer within the schools and in the community. She was […]

Re-elect Scott Taylor as LOCS school board trustee

Scott Taylor is a proven leader. He has consistently shown the ability to respectfully listen and learn while asking smart, tough questions. He has consistently shown the ability to actively reach out and include people on all sides of issues to understand different perspectives. He has consistently shown the ability to make decisions that are […]

To the Voice of the People

Regarding payroll tax: President Trump has promised to permanently eliminate payroll taxes is he is re-elected. I just thought that some people might not realize that the taxes are Social Security and Medicare. If they are eliminated, senior citizens and permanently disabled people would no longer receive these benefits. Seniors and the disabled would lose […]

Taylor, Bresett, Morris for Lake Orion Board of Education

With the greatest possible respect to the five other candidates competing for the four open positions on our Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education, I would like to publicly endorse three candidates in particular, namely Scott Taylor, Danielle Bresett and Misty Morris. Since their qualifications and responses have already been highlighted in this newspaper […]

Americans, Stay Home

Citizens in the United States have always visited other countries around the world. Some country’s feel our country’s response, or lack of response, to the pandemic was not enough. Those countries have put travel restrictions on us. We are six months into this pandemic and we are still hearing “stay home” if we can because […]

Facebook and Twitter Poll results — Poll ending Sept. 28

This week, we asked our followers “If a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available will you take it?“ We had 119 people respond to the poll on Facebook, with 61 people responding “You must think I’m crazy”; 38 people responded with “Yes, but wait and see some results first”; eight selected “I’ll be the first in line” […]

Support Danielle Bresett for Lake Orion school board

I am writing to endorse Lake Orion School Board Trustee candidate Danielle Bresett. I have known Danielle for nine years. We met and became friends when our sons were in kindergarten together at Blanche Sims. During our time there, Danielle was highly involved. Not only in volunteering in our sons’ classrooms, but also volunteering with […]