Thank you Orion, Oxford communities

A huge thank you to the Orion and Oxford area people for your generosity during the Lake Orion Knights of Columbus Tootsie roll drive during Palm Sunday weekend. With your help we will be donating over $10,200 to local charities that deal with people with intellectual challenges. It has been a challenging year for our […]

Finding healing prayer

Throughout time people have searched for wholeness in mind and body. Health and wellness are often a top priority in life, either for yourself or a loved one. During your search, the power of prayer can successfully guide you, giving you mental strength and clarity. This was just as true back in the 1870’s, when […]

Voted for fire millage, not DDA funding; Baldwin Rd. fountain is a waste of taxpayer’s money

Re: (“Emotions run highat DDA mtg. over fire millage reimbursement request,” Lake Orion Review, April 21, 2021, page 1). Posted on in response to Peggy Barry Bartz’s letter to the editor, “Birney and Barnett try to ‘bully’ the Lake Orion DDA”, April 28, 2021. Although I have concerns around (Orion Twp. Supervisor Chris ) […]

Judah Road residents, gravel mining, excavation operation is in the final stages of permitted use

Regarding the respective Orion Township residents living alongside of Judah Road located in the southwest quadrant of the township, Gingellville. Your nearly sixty (60) years of living with Ordinance No. 99, which allows permitted sand and gravel mining, earth excavation, and/or filling and earth balancing operation, located on the southside of Judah Road, is in […]

Birney and Barnett try to ‘bully’ the Lake Orion DDA

I read the story about the DDA and the tax capture that (Orion Twp. Trustee) Brian Birney and (Supervisor Chris) Barnett want to take to use for the township and some supposed updated fire equipment. (“Emotions run highat DDA mtg. over fire millage reimbursement request,” Lake Orion Review, April 21, 2021, page 1) The township […]

Signs, signs everywhere there’s signs

Good morning! I just wanted to leave my opinion concerning all of the signs on the roadways of Lake Orion. Either we need to rename the city name to Sign City or remove 99 percent of the signs. If you drive on M-24 southbound from Indian Lake Road to Flint Street, count all of the […]

A casino would have been nice

A casino would have looked nice in the old Kmart location. I worked there for two years. It has two floors. The first floor could have been used for a barand dance floor. It has plenty of room for tables and slot machines. People could have played bingo and poker. The location is ideal. It’s […]

Help us thank nurses during National Nurses Week

Over the past year, nurses have been on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, whether on a COVID floor or taking care of those “regular” patients who need care. It’s more important than ever this year to say thank you for their dedication during National Nurses Week, May 6-12. Whether it’s a photo, […]

Use your own innate wisdom to discern the truth

It’s been a couple years since we began hearing warnings of fake news on the Internet, the papers, radio, television or from friends and family. And, truth is we still must watch. I, like you, do my best to decipher what is real and what is not. Fortunately, we were designed with innate wisdom by […]