It seems the village council rules are arbitrary

Council President Jerry Narsh opened the Oct. 9 village council meeting with an announcement of the new council procedural rules that limit the time for both public and council comments, as adopted at their Sept. 11 meeting. The new rules are not on the meeting agenda so unless you closely follow past meetings, you don’t […]

Vote ‘no’ on Nov. 7 DDA ballot proposal

I urge my fellow residents to vote no on the Nov. 7 ballot proposal to defund the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority. Taxes currently collected and reinvested in our village through the DDA’s Tax Increment Financing Plan are at risk of being diverted to other entities. The decision to defund the DDA would mean that […]

Lake Orion DDA is important to the community

As a small business owner in downtown Lake Orion, I am writing to highlight the outstanding achievements of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority and to emphasize the critical importance of retaining this invaluable organization. In recent years, the DDA has garnered a series of prestigious awards and accolades, underscoring its exceptional commitment to revitalizing […]

Support the Lake Orion DDA

I write to express my support of and appreciation for the invaluable support provided by the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority to the Orion Area Parade Group, ensuring the successful and cherished tradition of the Orion Lighted Parade since 1989. This event has not only illuminated the Village of Lake Orion’s downtown streets, but has […]

New DDA tax captures can only be spent in DDA district

I must have struck a nerve! The web site I referred to in last week’s paper has been changed. The official Village of Lake Orion logo has been removed and replaced by a new logo, one similar in appearance to ones used by the DDA. It’s been quoted many times that 75 percent of new […]

Get the ‘facts’ regarding the DDA ballot initiative in November

There was a website created on Sept. 29 with the headings “Save the Lake Orion DDA”, “Vote NO on Tuesday, Nov. 7!” and “Dissolving the DDA = more taxes for Village Residents!” The Village of Lake Orion “logo” is also prominently displayed on the site. This site has errors or misrepresenting statements. 1. This initiative […]

‘Thank you’ from the heart to LOHS cheer team, coaches

‘Thank you’ from the heart to LOHS cheer team, coaches

For the past six years my daughter, Gabby, who has Down Syndrome, has been a Lake Orion Dragon cheerleader. Although she has some physical challenges that the other girls don’t have it never held her back from trying. Was she slower at catching on? Sure. But I have seen an incredible effort from the coaches […]

Orion Twp. seems to be focused on real estate development

I read an article in the Review last week that told about Orion Township purchasing the Great Lakes Athletic Club and moving the Orion Center to that location. The GLAC is $8 million to purchase. Please note this does not include moving fees and re-modeling/landscaping that will certainly increase the total amount spent. The Orion […]

Spend tax dollars on promoting the village, not Lake Orion DDA

On Sept. 27, Judge Mary Ellen Brennan ruled on the lawsuit filed by the Village of Lake Orion and Lake Orion DDA against Oakland County officials and Tom Patterson, a village resident, in favor of the defendants! Meaning that the ballot issue to remove the ordinance which enables the capture of specific taxes will appear […]