No public control over how DDA spends tax dollars

The DDA executive director had a 547-word guest opinion with color photos in last week’s Lake Orion Review. In those words, the director listed the wonderful things the DDA has done, or more correctly, was involved with. They are generally good things. We mere mortals are limited to 300 words, and I didn’t know photos […]

DDA is a special interest organization

Well let’s admit it the Lake Orion DDA is a special interest organization authorized by the village council, but organizationally they report to the village manager. After two weeks of guest columns, the DDA executive director has made significant points, pointing out all of the things they have accomplished. Please note the area of benefit […]

Opposed to the DDA’s lumber yard bond

Everyone should know what brainwashing is right? Brainwashing is said to reduce the ability to think critically or independently. To briefly explain, it seems to be what happened when the DDA told the village government why they should agree to a taxpayer expense of almost $7 million over the next 18 years, about $405,000 a […]

Do the math on the proposed DDA lumber yard project

As expected, four members of the Village of Lake Orion council voted for the $5 million bond that the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) wanted. They also handed off future decisions to the village manager because it seems four members of the village council do not want to be bothered with the debt village taxpayers will […]

A Petition for Justice

Once upon a time there was a sleepy village on the shores of Lake Orion where living was a vacation. That all changed in 1985 when a well-meaning force at the time, the Downtown Development Authority, asserted itself into the politics of the village. The DDA now takes nearly $500,000 of citizens’ taxes yearly. During […]

Special assessments should apply to businesses as well

The village manager is suggesting the implementation of a Special Assessment District (SAD) system to solve the financial woes of the village. This concept is based on a user or benefactor paying for their share of the service or asset. I’d like to suggest that this philosophy could and should apply to the business district. […]

Budget woes

At the April 10, 2023 meeting the Village Manager provided his proposed 2023-2024 budget to the Village of Lake Orion Council. It was not provided to the public, so I requested it. As provided, it does not comply with village charter requirement 8.2 as the document is incomplete, containing NO information about next year’s DDA […]