Still A Rambling Man – 3

In the last couple of weeks, I cogitated (good word) about some events and issues that were on my mind. This week I want to continue those thoughts. Nothing says “Happy Birthday America” better than a cacophony of exploding roman candles, bottle rockets, cherry bombs and artillery shells perpetrated by a band of incendiary neighborhood […]

Summer Bummer: Contaminated lake water

Swimming in a lake on a hot summer day is one of life’s true pleasures, unless the water contains potentially deadly bacteria or chemicals! So, should you should stop swimming in lakes? Residents living near Michigan’s many lakes often want to know if the water is safe for swimming or fishing. One concern is E. […]

Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll fundraiser nets almost $11,000 for area special needs groups

Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll fundraiser nets almost $11,000 for area special needs groups

The Lake Orion Knights of Columbus recently distributed checks from their spring time Tootsie Roll Drive fundraiser for our cognitively impaired citizens. Checks totaling nearly $11,000 were given to N.O.V.A. (North Oakland Vocational Association, Inc,), SCAMP, Oakland County Special Olympics, Section XIII Special Olympics, Banbury Cross Therapeutic Equestrian Center and the North Oakland Autism Center […]

The Bond, the Sinking Fund & Taxation without Representation

We just celebrated the Fourth of July. The people in the American colonies were angry that British Parliament was taxing them and “not representing them” over here on this side of the world. They wanted to have a say in things. It is my opinion that the parents of Lake Orion students need to have […]


As I sat and wrote my rough copy, another 15-year-old was shot and killed playing basketball. (Sick). Does it start at “The High” fans that do not stand at the anthem – nor remover their hats? Respect. The female ref in Lapeer that had to throw three visitors from the game – and they were […]

Great column, Don Rush

Dear Mr. Rush, Your column, “A little itty bitty piece of our hearts,” (Lake Orion Review, June 26, page 7) was excellent. It brought back memories of dogs I’ve had over the years. Thanks for writing a nice article. Sincerely, Jack Heal Lake Orion  

‘Thank You’ from Retired Chief Ryckman

‘Thank You’ from Retired Chief Ryckman

For once I was speechless. I want to thank all of those responsible, especially my wife, Margie, and her sister, June Smith, for my 90th birthday surprise at the all-class reunion at the Knights of Columbus Hall on June 19. Thank you for all the cards and gifts. It’s something I’ll always remember. Cecil Ryckman […]

Apologies for lashing out in anger at May 9 meeting

I would like to offer a public apology to (Orion Twp. Supervisor) Chris Barnett, and (Treasurer) Donnie Steel for my behavior at the library meeting on May 9th. I lashed out in anger. It is easy to wound people and difficult later to bind the wound. I am sorry. I wish I had presented my […]

Orion firefighters help a brother in need

Last weekend, a hearty group of Orion firefighters showed up to build their “brother” a wheelchair ramp. My husband, Charlie Harkins, a retired Orion firefighter and EMT of 35 years, recently suffered a stroke. We don’t know yet how long his recovery will take, but in the meantime, he now has a safe way to […]