Support Danielle Bresett for Lake Orion school board

I am writing to support Lake Orion school board trustee candidate Danielle Bresett. Though Danielle and I are both LOHS graduates from the nineties, we did not meet until both of our sons were attending kindergarten at Blanche Sims Elementary. It was very evident very quickly Danielle’s dedication and love for education. Whether it was […]

Elect Susan Flaherty for Lake Orion Board of Education

I am writing to recommend the election of Susan Flaherty to the board of education for Lake Orion Community Schools. Susan is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, people I’ve ever known. We met on-campus at Michigan State University in the fall of 1990 when I was fortunate enough to select her as my little […]

Scott Taylor for LOCS school board

I am a lifelong member of the the Lake Orion community, and as such, I have been witness to, and proud of, the growth and progress it has seen. I can remember when riding stables existed along M-24 near Greenshield Road, and Richardson’s served up ice cream! Since that time, Lake Orion has expanded in […]

Support Misty Morris for LOCS Board of Education

We are writing to support Misty Morris for the Lake Orion School Board. We have known Misty and her family since she was in elementary school, and have always found her to be a force to be reckoned with. She takes challenges on head first, always looking for the best resolution she can. With three […]

Re-elect Scott Taylor to the Lake Orion school board

I am writing to express my support for the re-election of Scott Taylor for LOCS school board. I moved to Lake Orion over 17 years ago, largely for the quality of the school district. I now am the proud parent of a LOCS graduate and a junior at LOHS. I consider myself fortunate to have […]

Facebook and Twitter Poll results — poll ending Oct. 12

Last week, we asked our followers “The level of political discord, general social divisiveness among people and intolerance for opposing viewpoints seems to be on the rise, especially during this political season. Do you think:” We had 78 people respond to the poll on Facebook, with 77 people stating that they felt things are definitely […]

Facebook and Twitter Poll results — poll ending Oct. 12

Last week, we asked our followers “Now that President Donald J. Trump has Coronavirus, how likely are you to follow safety protocols, such as wearing a mask, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings?” We had 50 people respond to the poll on Facebook, with 31 people stating they would definitely be stricter; 12 people selected […]

McQuiston, Flaherty, Zale for LOCS school board

I am writing in support of three candidates for the Board of Education for Lake Orion Community Schools. Birgit McQuiston is an incumbent on the board and during her tenure she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence in our schools and a high level of integrity. Birgit is incredibly conscientious, researches issues and is […]

Re-elect Scott Taylor for Lake Orion school board

Along with Scott, I am also a graduate of Lake Orion Schools. I did not think twice about raising my own children in Lake Orion and having them attend the award-winning public schools available in this community. Although I did not know Scott in school, I have had the honor of knowing he and his […]

Spiritual thoughts for our Presidential election

Since the late 1700’s, an election is held every four years for the office of President of the United States. In 1928, Herbert Hoover was running for the presidential office against Alfred Smith. Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, felt very strongly that Herbert Hoover would be the best candidate. So, Myrtle did what she taught […]

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