Why we should keep DDA funding!

There have been numerous editorials about the village council and the DDA all of which I find quite disturbing. They state they are not trying to get rid of the DDA, just the funding.
Well without funding there will be no DDA and basically bye-bye to our lovely village. There will be no one to keep our Main Street accreditation, no one writing and applying for numerous grants, no one supporting the downtown businesses, and no one to keep this village vibrant.
Our village needs this group to stay funded so that they continue to support private investments and business growth through loans, sponsorships and grants, capital improvements to public infrastructures, and additional programs designed to increase economic activity.
The DDA enhances the quality of life for the residents of Lake Orion through economic and physical revitalization of the downtown business district.
The DDA acts as an advocate for a safe, clean, attractive and successful business district. A strong downtown isn’t merely a boom for business owners.
It also benefits property owners through increased occupancy rates, increased stability, reduced crime, vandalism and more.
Residents and those who visit downtown can see their home values increase, have better shopping, more restaurants, updated playgrounds and green space, and can see the positive trickle-down effects when dollars are spent at a local business and money put back into the village.
Let’s not let a few people who are on their soap box every week convince you that getting rid of the funding for the DDA will put more money in your pocket. You will never see it.
DDA captured money will be distributed elsewhere throughout the county, grants will go away and our quaint wonderful village will suffer for it.
Please vote in the upcoming November election! A “NO” vote on the ballet will retain the DDA!

Rene’ Kalso-Samet
Lake Orion

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