DDA has made the village ‘a better place to live’

There is an old adage that says “No good deed goes unpunished.” I believe we are seeing this sentiment played out in the last few months here in the Village of Lake Orion by some who have expressed negative reactions to the purpose, the accomplishments and the activities of the DDA.
Over the years since the village has had a DDA, there have been so many improvements to the village that it is easy to take them for granted.
To me, there is no question that the changes in the village have made it a better place to live than it was prior to the existence of the DDA, thanks to the skill, creativity, tireless energy, good will and enthusiasm of the Executive Director, Molly Lalone, the DDA board members and all those who have worked together to support, sustain and improve this community.
If it is a question of how one’s tax dollars are spent, my opinion is that our tax dollars have been well spent. None of the tangible improvements we see around us come free or without hard work.
I would urge my fellow village residents to vote ‘No’ on the effort to repeal Ordinance No. 36.05. Vote ‘No’ on this effort to stop the flow of our tax dollars to the DDA which exists for the very positive purpose of making the village the vibrant place to live and work that it has become.
With all due respect,

Dikka Berven
Lake Orion

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  1. My single concern is if money stops going directly to the DDA where does it go and who decides where it goes ?. No one talks about that because if it’s the Village council well then……
    The devil you know is better than the devil ya dont

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