5 minutes

A poem by A. Glover    5 minutes In 5 minutes, our village lay shattered Gripped in misery, broken, and strained A high school reeling from the damage it sustained.   For 5 minutes, the despair was consuming Prayers took over, faith and hope remained Knowing the lives of children will forever be changed.   […]

Sharing in Advent

It’s official; the end of the year is near. Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas rush is here. It is time to deck the halls, enjoy holiday festivities, and shop for the perfect gifts. Beginning the Sunday after Thanksgiving and for four consecutive Sundays we will share in Advent for 2021. During Advent, many faith-filled groups, […]

Raising Prosperity Consciousness

As 2021 comes to a close, there is talk about higher gas prices and higher prices on everything else, too. So, what would you like our economy to be? Successful for everyone right? Great, together let’s change our prosperity consciousness! What comes to mind when you hear the word prosperity? If you are like most […]

The Greatest Gift I Ever Received

As we sprint ever faster towards the holiday season, I listen to concerns surrounding the supply chain complications and parents’ fears of not being able to secure the newest “it” toy, electronic, or game for their child. It has had me reflecting on holidays in my family as a child. Money was tight, and some […]

A journey in trusting, faith, believing

Last week’s travels brought me through Pontiac, where being on WideTrack Drive makes me nervous. Not because I haven’t traveled that road before, I have, but I always become mixed up. Being from the Macomb County area I grew up driving on mile roads. Here in Oakland County it’s different. Plus, rarely having traveled in […]

Great job, scouts!

Re: “Prospective Eagle Scouts complete service projects at Agawam”, Lake Orion Review, Sept. 22, 2021, page 11. Way to go, Brooke and Casey!!! My husband, John and many of his friends spent a lot of time working on Camp Agawam and it is great to see that it is continuing through bright and energetic Scouts! […]

Reader’s comments about column were ‘a BREATH of fresh air’

Re: “My Evil Plan gets reviewed by Natalie”by Don Rush, Lake Orion Review, Oct. 13 2021, page 7. What a BREATH of fresh air to read Natalie H’s response to Don’s column. I’d much rather read whatever thoughts this person has than the repetitive and antiquated diatribes of Don. Kudos to her for responding – […]

Positive Energy

Life is what we make it! In our Sunday services at Unity of Lake Orion we make it different. We enjoy positive messages each week from different speakers, including messages from volunteers of non-profit groups. Everyone has a ministry inside of them should they choose to put it to good work. For me, it is […]

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