Support Danielle Bresett for Lake Orion school board

I am writing to endorse Lake Orion School Board Trustee candidate Danielle Bresett. I have known Danielle for nine years. We met and became friends when our sons were in kindergarten together at Blanche Sims. During our time there, Danielle was highly involved. Not only in volunteering in our sons’ classrooms, but also volunteering with […]

Support Misty Morris for Lake Orion school board

I enthusiastically endorse and urge support of Misty Morris for the school board. She’s a lifelong resident who knows and loves this community. Her business experience as a realtor, her involvement in the community and as a mother with children in the school system are important assets she would provide as a dedicated member of […]

Facebook and Twitter Poll results — Poll ending Sept. 14

This week, we asked our followers “Should restaurants, businesses and schools/government be required to publicly post when an employee or customer tests who has been at the building tests positive for COVID-19?“ We had 92 people respond to the poll on Facebook, with 77 people responding “Absolutely”; 15 people responded with “No”; and zero selected […]

Pres. Trump believes ‘I can do it alone’

Those were the president’s words. Well, he was right. He has destroyed us on his own (with help from Mitch McConnell and the rest of his Congress). He’s a fake and a fraud. Mr. (Mitt) Romney was right. I listened to him. Did you? Will you listen to him in 2020, or make the same […]

Hey Dems, for which Biden are you voting?

An open question for Democrats: For which Joe Biden will you be voting in November? A – the Joe Biden who signed an agreement with Senator Bernie Sanders and his group to eliminate all fossil fuels, or B – the Joe Biden who on Monday, August 31st told reporters from the Pittsburgh, PA newspapers that […]

Moving from fear to faith…

When something new comes into our lives, the newness of it often brings up a sense of fear in us. The acronym for fear is false evidence appearing real. We can create the false narrative ourselves, others can create it for us, or we can also do it by how we interpret outside circumstances. For […]

Lake Orion Review – Sept. 2 Twitter Poll

Lake Orion Review – Sept. 2 Twitter Poll

This week, we asked our followers “Do you support recreational and/or medical marijuana dispensaries in the Village of Lake Orion?“ We had 44 people respond to the poll, with 25 people responding “Yes, both”; 5 people favored medical dispensaries only; and 14 selecting “No, neither.”  

Always be humble and kind

The song “Humble and Kind,” performed by Tim McGraw, and written by a woman named Lori McKenna in 2016, has always been one of my favorites. The lyrics suggest a gentle way of being in the world. I ran off a copy of the lyrics and gave a copy to each of the three young […]

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