I have noticed a strange phenomenon in the Village of Lake Orion. It seems laws, rules, and regulations are often considered merely suggestions that can be ignored whenever convenient. Public safety is routinely ignored. Denying or delaying access to what should be public information is commonplace. The standards in the Michigan Building Code are what […]

Love INC is in search of storage space

I am writing on behalf of Love INC North Oakland County. “Love In the Name of Christ of North Oakland County is a non-profit-cooperative effort that links churches, volunteers and service agencies and helps them to organize their efforts by reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged. We serve as a needs Connection Center, where […]

Letter to the village council

To: Lake Orion Village Council and Lake Orion Village Manager Cc: Lake Orion Review As a village resident I would like to express my opinion on two important issues currently facing the Lake Orion Village Council. 1. The proposal DDA bond issue to purchase the Lake Orion Lumber Yard property – OPPOSED. 2. Redrawing the […]

‘Gateway to Lake Orion’

I’m writing to agree with Cory Johnston, quoted in your March 1 issue, on the lumberyard redevelopment. Frankly I’m relieved to hear anyone stating what to me seems obvious. The overwhelming impression given by the new historical placards around the village is that Lake Orion is the town it is not because of parking lots […]

DDA bond proposal is a liability for the community

Be aware and vigilant of the DDA bond issue and it’s appearance on the Village Council agenda. Let the Village Council and Manager know your feelings about this community liability. If it’s passed this liability will have to be honored regardless of the DDA’s financial situation. Harry Stephen Lake Orion

Lumber redevelopment is a fantastic proposal

Re: “Lake Orion DDA gets extension on proposed Lake Orion Lumber Yard property purchase,” March 1, 2023, Lake Orion Review. This is a fantastic plan and certainly an improvement over the 150-plus apartments the previous developer was trying to put in. The only concern I have, I do not see how you get all this […]

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