Rebuttal to ‘The filibuster is racist and needs to go’

I am responding to the June 9 letter to the editor captioned, “The filibuster is racist and needs to go,” (Lake Orion Review, June 9, 2021, page 6) Saying that the filibuster is “racist” and a “Jim Crow Relic” is absurd. The filibuster goes all the way back to Roman times and was not created […]

Good arguments for and against filibuster, but not race

Dear Editor, Julia Cornacchia’s June 9th letter (‘The filibuster is racist and needs to go’) about the filibuster being racist contains some inaccuracies, as well as some valid points. First, it is not “a Jim Crow relic” since it was first used in 1837, some sixty-odd years before the advent of Jim Crow legislation. Secondly, […]

To the generous residents of Lake Orion,

Orion Area Youth Assistance would like to thank the members of the Lake Orion community who donated shoes to our first ever Shoe Drive fundraiser during this past April and May. Our goal was to collect 2,500 pairs of shoes and we were successful! We are working with an organization called Funds 2 Orgs who […]

Best LOHS graduation ever, says proud Dragon

I attended the Lake Orion High School graduation this last Tuesday. It was the best I have ever attended. There were 535 graduating, and the behavior of all attending is to be congratulated. There was only one message on a mortar board hat, no beach balls, no silly string, no unruly behavior of any kind. […]

Lake Orion Fireworks Association (LOFA) History

Before I got involved, Nick Christi, Glen Stokes, John Ranville and several other volunteers raised the money for the fireworks shows by collecting donations from businesses and individuals, as well as fundraisers like a beer tent. The shows were usually held the last Saturday closest to the 4th of July during the Lions Club Jubilee […]

Time to hit the open road

The weather is getting warmer. Trees and flowers are blooming. Mask restrictions are being lifted. Streets and sidewalks and safety paths and parks are filling with bikers and runners and campers. Boaters are launching their craft in Voorheis Lake. Downtown Lake Orion is teeming with activity and the restaurants are busy. It’s obviously time after […]

The filibuster is racist and needs to go

To the Editor, Every senator who protects the filibuster is guilty of protecting a Jim Crow relic that was used to block civil rights legislation for decades. There’s simply no way to get around its sinister legacy. In the 20th century, the filibuster was used to block over 200 anti-lynching bills and held up the […]

Being what the world needs you to be

Memorial Day weekend was a good time to recognize the men and women who died in service of our country. With this thought in mind, this month is a good time for all of us to examine our thoughts more closely. Meditate on a time in our country’s history where people served and lost their […]

Stop the spread of the virus

People need to continue to be educated on the facts and dangers of the COVID-19 Virus. We should not minimize what long -term damage the said virus does to the human body. It is also our responsibility to support others in our community who may not have access to truthful medical evidence/information that would help […]

We plan, God laughs…

You’ve heard it before and most likely lived it once or twice: we plan, God laughs. It’s just a saying, but it sure can ring true! When it’s in your life, you find yourself changing your thoughts from something you think would be very grand, to accepting what life gives you. Example: The weather warmed […]

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