Fake Realities

When you are out in nature, you feel so close to God and so close to creation. One can even find beauty in man-made ponds and I certainly have enjoyed when they have water spew up in the air creating a fountain. This year in early spring, I noted on my travels that one such […]

Your Right to Know

The Leaders of the Republican Caucus in the Michigan House of Representatives want to pull public notices from newspapers and allow governmental entities (cities, villages, township, counties, etc.) to satisfy notice requirements by putting them on their websites. This is an unprecedented blow to governmental transparency and due process. A version of this legislation has […]

Fun Times On The Road – Adult Version of Pac-Man

Are you having a fun time traversing the roads in Lake Orion as construction continues on Baldwin, Waldon, Maybee and Joslyn? Before one project is completed, another one begins and thus we have nonstop aggravation. Of course, when all of the construction is completed, we will supposedly have clear sailing throughout the community, which will […]

Your words have power

Years ago, while shopping for groceries at dinner time I overheard a mother who was not speaking very nicely to her child. I recall thinking: it’s dinner time and the young child is probably hungry, mom’s appearance looked like she was on her way home from work, both are tired and words are being said […]

Return sanity to residents’ lives – stop Airbnbs

Dear village residents and homeowners, Are you aware of what is happening around you? Are you aware that anyone, or any company or any groups of people can buy up homes? (The home right next door to you.) They are placing ads on several sites – Airbnb, Home Away, etc. – and begin a motel […]

Fall changes signal changes in us, too!

On a recent trip to the Lake Orion Home Depot, I wandered into the plant section to see what was left of summer. I purchased three “end of season” hanging floral baskets that would work well for Sunday morning at Unity of Lake Orion for a great price. Once home, I realized the flower pots […]

Let the public use the parking spot

There is a privilege parking spot (having been grandfathered in for years) located on Front Street, just east of 55 S. Broadway St., for the exclusive use of this business. Delivery trucks always park on the street anyway, and this property has a private driveway adjacent. Let the public have a place to park. Ron […]

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