A spiritual perspective on dealing with chaos

Surely you have noticed all the chaos going on. If you’re like me, you have enough in your own life; no need to add more. But, in 2020 through no fault of our own, we added a worldwide pandemic. And, we didn’t stop there, we added political drama. A new year started adding freezing cold […]

View Points Feb. 17, 2021

Dear Editor; I read with interest the article in the Lake Orion Review in which the Village Council wishes to explore the possibility of purchasing and turning the Ehman Center into a community center. I admire the idea and the good intentions, yet the reality is that purchasing the Ehman Center will come at a […]

And something else…

Conservative media doesn’t mention these companies, like Walmart and Amazon, get huge tax breaks, which comes out of taxpayers’ pockets! But when workers want to form a union they reject it and fire people who are looking for better wages and benefits. If it wasn’t for the workers, they wouldn’t be rich, would they? Think […]

Put Understanding and Faith to Good Use

Sunday, on the way home from church, I decided to take Heights Road to see the view of the lake. People were out skating and enjoying the ice. It made me wonder how long it takes for the ice to freeze to a thickness safe to be on. I marveled how comfortable the skaters looked […]

Facebook and Twitter Poll results — poll ending Jan. 25

Last week, we asked our followers: “How long do you believe Lake Orion Community Schools will be able to maintain a face-to-face/in-person learning model?” We had 45 people respond to the poll on Facebook, with 24 people predicting student’s will stay in-person Until the end of the school year; 12 people said they thought face-to-face […]

The Review’s readers respond to Letters to the Editor

Re: the article, “…to bind up the nation’s wounds” by JoAnn Van Tassel, Lake Orion Review, Jan. 13, 2021, page 5. Well said JoAnn. I do wonder if it is the position as an elected ‘person’ that changes people. If there is something that happens when an anonymous group of people agree to hire someone […]

Thank you to everyone who supported Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels in Oxford, Lake Orion and Addison would like to thank Independence Village of Waterstone for providing the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day meals for our homebound seniors. Independence Village really stepped up to the plate, dinner plate that is, and generously provided meals for all of our holidays during this tumultuous […]

Facebook and Twitter Poll results — poll ending Jan. 18

Last week, we asked our followers: “What are you most excited about resuming this year/What do you hope resumes this year?” We had 49 people respond to the poll on Facebook, with 22 people saying they would like to see indoor dining return; 19 people said they would like schools/in-person learning to return; seven people […]

It’s your choice…

It’s the New Year, and yes, we still have political drama and both science and the medical field are still searching for answers to end our pandemic. With these two large issues — combined with our weather, which is giving us some dark and dreary days — we can sometimes feel a lack of zest […]

…to bind up the nation’s wounds

There is a message from a former U.S. president that elected officials in both political parties should observe. President Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, said “A public office is a public trust.” Too often today, our elected officials in both parties, especially at the highest levels, treat their public office as a public piggy bank…or a […]

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