The Cross – A Right Relation

When Unity of Lake Orion purchased our present church building, there were three steel I-beam crosses placed in between the front porch and the church sanctuary. We have had people suggest we take the crosses down. Admittedly, they were showing signs of weathering and care was necessary, but the symbolism of the cross was also […]

Orion Lakes Hosts Halloween Trunk or Treat

It was a rainy night but there was still a great turnout at the Orion Lakes Trunk or Treat event! Orion Lakes, a Havenpark Community, hosted a Trunk or Treat event on Oct. 26 to offer residents and area families a safe and fun opportunity to celebrate Halloween and enjoy seasonal treats. Residents of the […]

Harvesting Your Soul

When living life as a spiritual walk you spend time in meditation. A special quiet time you leave open in your day to commune with God. When you prepare yourself for that time in meditation you bring nothing with you except a thought process of something that is weighing on your mind. There is no […]

Residents’ opposed to Gregory Meadows subdivision, tree clearing

Editor’s Note: This letter, posted on, is in regard to The Cottages of Gregory Meadows subdivision, a proposed 72-unit planned unit development on Gregory Road. The Orion Township Planning Commission and Board of Trustees held a joint public hearing on the proposed development on Oct. 16. Pulte Homes of Michigan LLC, is proposing to […]

Let’s talk fairness

How is taking money from our veterans who put their lives on the line to keep us safe and using it for President Donald Trump’s wall fair? Or our last Supreme Court justice fair? Or people wanting to come here being put into cages fair? Or people not being able to vote fair? So, shut […]

Dirty politics

To me, it’s desperate, dishonest and negative. I want fair and honest people running our government. Good politicians let their work speak for itself and don’t have to stoop so low. Think about it, and have a nice day. J.P. King Lake Orion  

Babes on Broadway raises $10,000 for Love INC

Babes on Broadway raises $10,000 for Love INC

Love n’ Light Productions, LLC, wants to give a BIG shout out to all the many hands that collaborated to create this years Babes on Broadway and make it a HUGE success! It was a pleasure providing the homemade hors d’oeuves at the VIP Tent n’ I am grateful to have had a pop-up shop […]

Fall Darkness…

The colors of the leaves are changing, the warm summer air has long past and the longer days are now over. Once again it is time for nature to “let go and release” the beauty once held in its summer expression. When the cool weather began, the days became shorter. Not only did the leaves […]

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