Our furry friends…

By Linda La Croix Review Columnist Years ago, I read having pets in your home is a wonderful way for children to learn about life outside of themselves. Pets are fun to play with, but they cannot do anything for the child. Pets require their people to do their care. This creates a good experience […]

Great to see the new look of the paper

It was great to open our mailbox yesterday and see your welcome column (from View Newspaper Group Publisher Wes Smith) on the front page of the Lake Orion Review and a greatly needed update to the look of the paper. (My wife) and I are of course very interested in both Oxford and Lake Orion […]

Local police departments deserve recognition

Dear Editor, I have read of the well-deserved recognition given to the Oxford Fire Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department for their quick response and handling of the shooting at the Oxford High School in December. It was a tragedy that I never thought would befall Oxford. But I have yet to see any […]

Easter’s Outcome — A Spiritual Walk

As a spiritual seeker looking at Holy Week, I am drawn to what more there is behind the story of Jesus’ walk into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and beyond. You know the story. My question is what do we do with the information once we know it? Do we celebrate the risen Christ on Easter […]

We need better traffic control on Baldwin Road

I am reaching out for any help anyone can suggest as to the dangerous flow of traffic on Baldwin Road near Baldwin Court. A few days ago, my neighbor was waiting for oncoming traffic to clear in order to make a left turn off Baldwin Road onto Baldwin Court when he was rear-ended, pushed into […]

So we’re number one?

If you listen to commercials on radio and TV and read ads in the newspapers and on billboards you might have noticed that businesses consider us their number one customer. For years, when I was the Director of the Michigan Quality Council in the Engler Administration, we reviewed businesses across the State of Michigan and […]

Celebrate Spring

Living in Michigan, we never know when winter will actually be over. I stand ready! Every December I see the snow as festive holiday fun, but after the first of the year, I am ready for that season to change. A spiritual life is about learning to understand life, ourselves, our purpose and our place […]

The Time for Lent is now

Easter’s date is based on the first full moon either on or after the spring equinox. Lent season begins 46 days before Easter, which means this year Christians began their spiritual walk on March 2, 2022. Lent is a time of personal work; a time to look at who we are, how we present ourselves […]

Who really knows?

What’s happening in the world today? I am a news watcher, an Internet researcher, a talker with many, I hear a lot about what is happening in the world today. What’s the answer to finding peace in the storms of life? I do not know for sure. But, I do know that through my storms, […]

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