Did Orion Township once again sell our voting to Oakland County?

At the Sept. 18 Orion Township meeting, there was an agenda item (“7k: Early voting agreement with Oakland County”). I understand Orion Township must secure approval from the county to operate a voting site. But did they have to relinquish control of our elections, and even equipment testing? There was no discussion on what was […]

Lake Orion Village Council and the DDA are doing what?

In the last several years the Lake Orion Village Council seems to have devolved into a mini-dystopian government. They have repeatedly sided with commercial developers to allow for several properties in the village to be rezoned and converted to apartment meccas, which will greatly increase the infrastructure and parking pressures we are already suffering from. […]

DDA, village sue to stop ordinance vote in November

The objective of this lawsuit is to remove the certified petition, whose subject is the fate of the Tax Increment Financing Ordinance, from the Nov. 7 ballot. To accomplish this the Village of Lake Orion and the DDA have sued officials at the county and our citizen, Tom Patterson. Mr. Patterson has now been served […]

Finding Zeal In Seasonal Changes

Where has the year gone? It’s almost October already! But, I encourage you to find balance and be okay with the speed this year took. Be at peace, speak well of it, by using your zeal, joy and zest. Why? As a child of the Great Organized Designer, you deserve to have the best energies […]

Remembering Bruce

We all can learn from the way he lived . I don’t want pizza out of the dumpster but wouldn’t mind being “fine” more of the time. Simple life, simple needs, simple cares. We’ll miss you Bruce. John Enright   I was just reading a story on Reddit about the homeless and it made me […]

Comments – Attention to those who post comments on The Review website

Anonymous comments will not be approved, no exceptions. Comments posted on www.lakeorionreview.com must have a valid name and email (for verification purposes only, if necessary). Please keep all comments clean, refraining from profanity, vulgarities and threats. We encourage discourse among our readers and appreciate the different view points presented. Thank you for your understanding in […]

Make your life change your thoughts

Sometimes when I hear of the struggles people experience in their lives, I have already heard about someone else experiencing the same type of dynamics. It puzzles me to know that while the players involved in each struggle are different, the challenges each face have similar dynamics. It’s as if an unknown energy is causing […]

Disagrees with village, DDA on lawsuit over petitions

Well, our elected fiefdom, the Lake Orion Village Council, and their appointed board, the DDA, have now sued a village resident for executing and completing a petition to eliminate the Tax Increment Financing Ordinance! This is the second time that a petition to effect this change has been thwarted by our elected officials. Last year, […]

Reasons to support the Lake Orion DDA

Here are just a few of the many contributions from our local DDA: · The DDA collaborates with the village council to identify ways to better serve the community and has set aside a significant portion of new capture (75 percent to the village) for village-approved infrastructure projects. · The DDA uses taxes collected from […]

Remembering Bruce

After I had moved to Lake Orion from Detroit in 2004, I was surprised to see a homeless man usually sitting on his bike. I ran into him again, sitting on his bike, in front of the Wine Barrel (?) party store. The owner says he sleeps behind there from time to time. It was […]

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