The American Flag — Colors of Freedom

This year, I am especially grateful to be living in the United States. Even though we are experiencing high numbers with the pandemic, we have been free to leave our home, purchase groceries and could go out for essentials. That freedom has been very important for me during this time so I could check in […]

Letting go of what you idolize

God gave Moses’ the Ten Commandments and in the second commandment God tells us: Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Which has also been interpreted as: Thou shalt not make any idols before God. In living a spiritual life, the second commandment gives us a lot to think on. As you meditate on […]

So much road work, but what about Heights and Bellevue?

Summer has come and so much roadwork is being done. Just about everywhere the roads are underconstruction. It is so great to see so many of our roads being repaired. Pinetree, Clarkston, Indianwood and of course Lapeer Road, are all being repaired, but what has happened to Heights Road and Bellevue? Bellevue was patched last […]

No weapons allowed at state capitol buildings!

All weapons should be banned from within five miles of all Capitol buildings and policitians and residents. They’re (the armed protestors at the state capitol in Lansing) nothing nothing but terrorists and should be treated the same way — arrested and put in jail and fined $5,000 for trespassing and disturbing the peace. They don’t […]

The Mask – a deeper meaning

My last column was about being in unity with all that is happening in our life. The theme was centered on what staying at home because of the Covid-19 virus looked like and being in unity with that. It has changed our daily lives and, with the protests going on now, more change is coming […]

St. Joseph School embraces distance learning during COVID-19 pandemic

St. Joseph School embraces distance learning during COVID-19 pandemic

By Carol Azizian Review Contributor In a second grade classroom at St. Joseph School, students created posters expressing appreciation for Beaumont-Royal Oak Hospital health care workers and sent them via email to nurses there. In a fifth grade classroom, students created videos of themselves and reported “Science Breaking News” instead of a science test. Since […]

Gov. Whitmer calls for unity following President Trump’s call for governors to ‘dominate’ protesters

Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer released the following statement after President Trump called for governors to “dominate” protestors:  Right now our nation is hurting. Americans are in pain, and desperate for leadership from the White House during one of the darkest periods in our lifetimes. This morning I took a few moments to read a powerful […]

A Virus Among Us

A Virus Among Us — a poem by Bill Byrne This covid19, it  just maybe inspires us With a grudging respect for this fugitive  virus It’s the direst of  viruses  we’ve ever seen Reeking havoc that rivals the one in ’18 We are ordered for now to shelter in place In our own home’s entrusted  […]

Open Letter to the Governor: Time to open up the economy

It is time for our governor to end her practice of favoring big corporations and ignoring small businesses as we begin our economic recovery in Michigan. How is it that an auto plant with hundreds of employees is considered safe, but not independently owned gift shops or clothing stores, beauty salons or restaurants? These businesses […]

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