Airb&b has benefited my family

My family and some friends have used Airb&b for many years with pleasant and memorable results. It’s unfortunate that George and Dee Lukas (“Residents want Airbnb’s banned in Lake Orion,” Lake Orion Review, Feb. 12, 2020, ‘View points, page 6) live near a home that’s apparently registered with Airb&b but not occupied by the owner. […]

County Commissioner urges a ‘no’ vote on DIA renewal

Question: When is a promised, one time, 10-year tax NOT as pledged to the voters? Answer: When it has to do with the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts). I supported this temporary tax increase as part of the Grand Bargain to save the DIA and the pensions of the employees of the City of Detroit. […]

Residents want Airbnb’s banned in Lake Orion

I would like to give a shout out to the sensible city of Ann Arbor. They have immediate plans to discontinue the ability to purchase a home for the exclusive purpose of creating a motel room: that is what an Airbnb is. These homes quite often are in very nice, quiet residential areas. So, you […]

Be Kind

Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy to the body. (Proverbs 16:24NLT) When someone tells you something kind have you ever just stopped and thought about how nice it is to hear kindness being spread in your direction? Today, there seems to be less kindness being shown in the world, but […]

American Legion supports the community, takes issue with local business owner’s ‘worthless’ comment

One local businessman, owner Anthony Reighard of M&B Graphics and Vice Chairman of the DDA, has an issue with the American Legion Building! His calling the American Legion Building “worthless” and anything that would get built in its place would be “ten times better” than what is “there now”, is an insult to all that […]

Twp. resident questions switch to single garbage hauler

Orion Twp. Officials, Well…I got my trash bill…you got your wish…hooray for you. A couple weeks ago I wrote to complain about this plan to take money from the people of Orion. Didn’t do any good, but a lot of folks liked it. I know that after the other (garbage) collectors were, somehow, ran off…these […]

Last Minute Fun

Today everyone has a calendar or a list reminding us of what we have to do. We get up in the morning and check to see what is on our to-do list. Some of us may even check it before we go to bed at night. We scan our required to-do’s first as they receive […]

Thank you for supporting seniors during the holidays

Meals on Wheels of Oxford, Lake Orion and Addison would like to thank CJ‘s Cafe and Independence Village of Waterstone for providing the holiday meals for our homebound senior citizens. Because of these establishments and our dedicated holiday drivers, the homebound seniors in our area were greeted with not only a delicious hot meal but […]

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