Twp. is correct to issue littering tickets

The Detroit Free Press has taken it upon itself to file a ridiculous lawsuit against the Orion Township Board demanding $5 million in punitive damages from every individual Orion Township Board official. This newspaper publisher believes it has the right under the 1st Amendment to drop their unsolicited the Free Press Sunday Select advertising circulars […]

The sun shines down on annual Flower Fair

The 16th annual Flower & Art Fair has wrapped up and I would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to the many people who worked hard at another successful downtown Lake Orion event. First and foremost to Mother Nature for taking it easy on us this year. Big thanks to our event […]

Passport to Spring was a success for the Library

The Friends of the Orion Township Library would like to thank everyone who helped with our recent fundraiser, Passport to Spring: Japan, A Festival of Seasons. It was a successful event, thanks to the many people who helped by sponsoring, donating, performing, demonstrating, serving on committees, or attending the festival. The money raised by the […]

Resident speaks out about Village Council’s request

Orion Township should not in any way entangle its use of its highly responsible budgeted funds with the Lake Orion Village Police debt issues. Our Oakland County Sheriff patrol of Orion Township received a most necessary millage increase in recent years by the township voters that was completely negated by the Lake Orion Village voters. […]

Subscriber reads but does not always agree

I am writing this email in response to Don Rush’s “Why yes, indeed, I believe Jesus pooped.” Why anyone would be concerned as to whether He did or did not, is beyond me. While no one can answer if He pooped with certainty, it is most probable that He did. He took on human form […]

Resident would like to stay with Thurber

Great column and interview in The Lake Orion Review about Mark Thurber running for Treasurer again. His past results, plans for the future, and his impressive credentials, in my estimation, make him the best candidate for the position. When I stopped in for the Tiger’s Opening Day event in the Township Office I stopped by […]

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