Vote Yes on DDA ballot proposal

The only issue on the Nov. 7 ballot for the Village of Lake Orion is whether our tax dollars go to where we voted for them to go or go to the DDA to do with as they wish.
Voting Yes, returns control of our taxes to the people and our elected officials versus the non-elected DDA.
Voting No lets the non-elected DDA keep control of more than $900,000 in annual local tax funds the public has never voted to go to the DDA. In fact, the public voted that those funds be used by others.
If you think the DDA makes better use of your tax dollars and want to vote No, then I question why we bother with an elected Village of Lake Orion government, or elections.
Why not give all our tax dollars to an entity and people we never voted for, that we have no control of, and that spend our money only in a very small area of the village?
Know the facts, not the self-serving highly biased information that benefits a few at the expense of everyone. Then vote accordingly.

Cory Johnston
Village of Lake Orion

One response to “Vote Yes on DDA ballot proposal”

  1. (my thoughts) C, a YES VOTE sounds good and if the DDA’s CAPTURE power is voted down, how will the DDA pay their share of the 5m BOND???? if they default on payment then the Village is on the hook the PAYMENT + interest – and LATE fees as CO signers ?????

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