Save the DDA

What brings people to the Village of Lake Orion? Great restaurants and locally-owned shops and businesses. The DDA has helped them find their place, removes obstacles and promotes community activities and social events.
That is only one side of the “Community” coin. The other is you…at Children’s Park. Summer music concerts and movie night. Classic car day. Local 5k runs. Paint Creek Trail. Orion Art Center. Horseshoe pits. Fourth of July and Prom Senior Parades. Lions Jubilee carnival and fireworks. Dragon on the Lake Festival.
These all help create community! Add community coordination with Oxford’s DDA and trolley ride. Oxford knows the importance of community and has rallied, bringing people together through DDA activities.
We should thank our forefathers/mothers who created these places and activities for our community. The DDA wants to save the Lake Orion Lumber Yard property to create another great community asset. It is understandable why some people are against it. “Why do village people have the short-term tax burden to purchase this property?”
This has stirred up the discussion which has led to the Nov. 7 village vote to eliminate (funding) the DDA or keep it?
Know the benefits of the DDA and ask. Think about future generations. Your short-term tax sacrifice will enrich lives for decades to come and help make the Village of Lake Orion an even greater urban tourist destination.
Once open space is lost you can never reclaim it from development.
Question, how to offset the DDA taxing and funding? Start a DDA Trust Fund perhaps? With community raffles, bake sales, personal and business donations, bingos, Orion Township kicking in some funds? Your great grandkids and surrounding community will thank you for voting No!

Mac Deuparo

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