Proposed development doesn’t fit village’s architecture

I do not mind new development. What I do mind is that this new development, as well as the most recently built one (120 S. Broadway St.), and Anita’s Kitchen does not reflect the architecture of the village. Our village is over 100 years old. The new architecture should represent that. I am disappointed. Johanna […]

Proposed development will make more problems downtown

My vote for this project is no. It will block the view of our beautiful Methodist church. It will make it more difficult for our fire department to see the road to get out, necessitating a new light, which is even more asinine, and it will deplete already scarce parking. They want to put fancy […]

Property development shows investment in the community

It’s great to hear of the proposed development at 44 Flint St. in Lake Orion. (The lot on the corner of Anderson and Flint streets.) Capital investment of the sort shows faith in the proposed growth and long-term existence of our community. Let’s hope that the architectural approval process supports a quality structure that displays […]

Numerology and the New Year: 2020 is a year for building

Numerology is the study of numbers and the notion that each number has a meaning or representation for what shows up in our lives. I have studied just enough numerology to know how to add the numbers up and that our lives evolve through nine-year cycles. To find the number in a given date, address, […]

Who wants garbage, recycling lids that don’t close?

GFL has started delivering trash and recycle cans this week. Both my trash and recycle cans have deformed lids that will not close. This seems to be a widespread problem, based on looking at other cans in my neighborhood. I called the township to report it but the GFL spokesperson there told me that the […]

Orion Twp. single garbage hauler is unwanted, unneeded

I am a 72-year-old retired Vietnam veteran and somewhat handicapped, making it very difficult to be considered for employment. I live on my social security allotment and have no pension. Many of my elderly neighbors are in my same predicament. When I got this trash notice it sounded like I had to do this. I […]

Who’s your Santa?

Dear Editor, I see that you published a picture of me dancing with Santa during the Holly Jolly Folly. The party was wonderful, and every year Golling Buick GMC does a terrific job as the hosts of this community event, which benefits our great lighted parade. The caption on the picture caught my attention. (I […]

‘O’ Little Town of Bethlehem’ brings hope

The Lake Orion Lighted Parade is always a fun event for the community and has a positive energy around it. My family and I attended the fundraiser the night before the parade. I love the music, seeing everyone all dressed up, the silent auction and our picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Many people who […]

Oakland County Sheriff reminds shoppers: Don’t be a victim this holiday season

Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard wants to remind people that awareness of shopping or charity scams, whether online, through the mail, or in person, and knowing what to look out for, can help prevent citizens from becoming a victim. “Criminals are looking for easy targets and victims, especially during the holiday shopping season,” said Bouchard. “Whether […]