The flow of understanding leads to wisdom

In dedicating time for my own self-care, I enjoy reading from many different Unity authors as well as other spiritual books. Reading and pondering life is a large part of my self-care regime. Increasing my awareness of all that is available will not only enhance my wisdom and understanding but also store in my memory. […]

Thoughts on the Lake Orion DDA

Well our DDA has done it again! Spent more tax dollars on self promotion. Did you enjoy the very “colorful” direct mail piece that was sent to your home? One of the tenets of the DDA charter is to reduce blight and promote rehabilitation, which they have had some success over the last 37 years, […]

Teen Center?

Ever wonder why there is a Senior Center and not a Teen Center? Senior Center’s give good reasons for Teen Centers. Senior Center’s offer older citizens a chance to socialize and mingle. As we age we lose many of our role purposes. In the normal course of life our children leave home, we retire and […]

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Being totally honest, neither Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is a favorite of mine. Each is a holiday to honor our earthly parents but in my household both are treated as just another day. I love being a mom, and being grateful for that daily makes every day Mother’s Day to me; no gifts necessary. […]

Support gender equality

I am writing to you as an 8th-grade student at Oakview Middle School in Lake Orion to express my concern about the issue of gender inequality and to request your support in spreading awareness. Men and women should be treated as equals because they are. It is crucial to address this issue globally, as numerous […]

Remembering the Fallen

As I type, memories of Memorial Day 2023 weekend are fresh in my mind. The weekend began at church on Sunday as we remembered the fallen soldiers. We held in the consciousness of prayer all those who left their homes, to serve our country, and became one of the fallen. And, we reminded those who […]

Gun violence awareness month

As of May 18th, our country marked its 227th mass shooting of 2023. Three of those shootings were in Michigan. The daily horror, long-term impact, grief and devastation of the Oxford High School shooting still reverberates in our community. This year, the United States has averaged more than one mass shooting per day, according to […]

Gender discrimination is a pervasive problem

Dear Lake Orion Review, I am writing in hopes that your publication might address a pervasive problem that exists not only in our community but also worldwide: gender discrimination. As an eighth-grade student at Oakview Middle School in Lake Orion, Michigan, I have conducted research and compiled studies that shed light on this issue, which […]

Art & Flower Fair is a success thanks to sponsors, community support

Downtown Lake Orion was bubbling with excitement all weekend with the Orion Art Center’s Art and Flower Fair! Despite Mother Nature’s attempts to squelch the festivities, the VIP Mystery Art Crawl was a terrific event and the weekend was bubbling with community! Many thanks to our sponsors: MSB Studio Fitness, Genisys Credit Union, Lake Orion […]