Great job repairing Heights Road

A job well done! This was well worth waiting for and I thank our township for finally getting Heights Road paved. It has been a long time coming but it is worth the wait. I am sure that everyone who travels down Heights Road is as happy as I am. Yes, there are still some […]

Rescue your emotions with spiritual living

Hurricane Ida recently hit the Southern United States. As most hurricanes do, Ida created a lot of disorder and need for cleanup! The good news was that it was not as strong as hurricane Katrina, which was 16 years to the day of Ida. Previous learning and repair work was held. We could hear good […]

President Biden blames everyone but himself

Twelve Marines and a Navy Corpsman died at the Kabul Airport because our nation’s top leadership – from the president to his entire top leadership team – failed them. “The buck stops with me,” President Joe Biden read from a teleprompter at his recent press conference. Then he blamed everyone else for his blunders. He […]

Orion Twp. Library Board president responds to the Village of Lake Orion’s statements about the library millage

Dear Edior, In response to the August 18, 2021, article (“Lake Orion officials respond to The Review’s questions about attorney bills, public hearing” in the Lake Orion Review, the Orion Township Public Library Board wishes to provide some clarification. The Orion Township Public Library is an independent governing body with its own elected board and […]

Please Mandate Universal Masking for K-12 Schools

To Whom it May Concern, I am the mother of a seven year old daughter and nine year old son who are enrolled in Lake Orion Schools.   Contrary to your public health recommendations, our school district administration has announced that masks will be optional in our school buildings this fall, and it will eliminate the […]

Letter to Gov. Whitmer, Director Hertel: Please require masks in schools, at least until all students are vaccinated

Dear Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Director Elizabeth Hertel, Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services, My children attend Lake Orion Schools. Contrary to your recommendations, and those of the CDC and Oakland County Health Department, our administration has announced that masks will be optional in our school buildings this fall. I am pleading with you […]

Yes, I will or No thank you!

In recent weeks, news reporting has been very much like the first quarter of 2020. Then it was the beginning of a once in a lifetime pandemic. Remember the first maps showing the most affected areas of our country? The virus was mainly in the North and the Southern states were almost free and clear […]

A look at omnipresent

In attending Unity churches, I found them so freeing. There was no requirement to participate in anything or have any required teachings. My neighbor invited me many times, but I was a busy mom. She never gave up on me and continued to invite me. Finally, I said yes. When I entered the church, it […]

Do you know who you are?

Remember being a young child and all we wanted to do was be a grown up? And, now as adults we sometimes wish we could be a kid again. No responsibilities, no bills, no worries – so good! As children we watch the adults in our lives. We learn from all the people we come […]