Village, please answer water bill questions

It’s “that time of the quarter” again, time to receive the dreaded water bill from the Village of Lake Orion. Once again, the monthly cost exceeds that of gas and electricity combined. One has to get used to it. Even so there are several aspects of the quarterly bill I don’t understand, and they are […]

Stop overdevelopment, plant shade trees

I am writing to express my support with Carol Ebner’s letter “Orion Twp., village need to stop over-developing” published in the Aug. 31 issue of The Lake Orion Review. I fully agree with Ms. Ebner’s analysis regarding how over-development is largely responsible for frequent excessive heat episodes and with her exhortation to “increase our forests, […]

Don’t try to impose your beliefs on others

Re: Response to letter submitted by Pat Stoner-Lauer, Oct. 19, 2022 I am a long-time resident of Lake Orion and have had three daughters in Lake Orion Community Schools from lower elementary school to graduating from Lake Orion High School. I have worked in this town in various capacities, mostly in the non-profit sector. In […]

It’s time for a new governor

The current governor of Michigan is NOT a leader. She is a copycat. When the COVID pandemic hit, she copied what Governor Gavin Newsome of California and Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York did. She shut down restaurants and small businesses and told people to stay home. But she let manufacturing concerns with union members […]

Voters have a choice

This year voters have a choice on the ballot. The operative word is “choice.” Since Dobbs overturned Roe v Wade, we have seen women who: 1. Could not get their regular medication because it can possibly be used to abort a child. 2. Have a miscarriage but cannot have a follow-up to make sure the […]

Re-elect Jake Singer to LOCS school board!

Jake Singer is an exemplary school board member. He has earned our trust and support for re-election. A few notable aspects of Jake’s leadership stand out: 1) He does his homework. Jake is always well researched and is prepared no matter the issue. 2) He is a critical thinker with the ability to challenge thinking, […]

Support Singer, Drakos, Sinawi in LOCS school board race

Great teams are comprised of members who contribute different talents that make the team succeed. We are fortunate in the fact that the LOCS Board of Education race has a roster of five talented candidates who offer varied backgrounds and skill sets. There are three candidates in particular who stand out not only for their […]