Last Minute Fun

Today everyone has a calendar or a list reminding us of what we have to do. We get up in the morning and check to see what is on our to-do list. Some of us may even check it before we go to bed at night. We scan our required to-do’s first as they receive […]

Thank you for supporting seniors during the holidays

Meals on Wheels of Oxford, Lake Orion and Addison would like to thank CJ‘s Cafe and Independence Village of Waterstone for providing the holiday meals for our homebound senior citizens. Because of these establishments and our dedicated holiday drivers, the homebound seniors in our area were greeted with not only a delicious hot meal but […]

No more!

President Trump and his corrupt party must go before they do get us into another war. Wise men choose peace; foolish ones choose war. Violence leads to more violence – anyone with a brain and common sense knows that. We’re all Americans, most just prefer with wiser choice: peace. Stop the wars and save our […]

Switch to a single garbage hauler in Orion Twp. is working well

January 7 was the first day of trash pickup from GFL in the Keatington Woods Subdivision. The recycling truck arrived at 8:30 a.m. and hauled away the bin. Moments later the trash bin was picked up. The GFL trucks make very little noise and the whole block was collected in minutes! Great service! This one […]

Proposed development brings growth, shows vision in LO

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted to Developer Jeff Schmitz and printed with permission from the writer. Hi Jeff, I am the Leasing Director for both The Village of Rochester Hills, and Five and Main (new development) in Commerce Township, and have significant experience in placemaking, redevelopments and retail leasing at many projects here in […]

Resident hopes 44 Flint St. development moves forward

Editor’s note: this letter was submitted to developer Jeff Schmitz and Lake Orion Village Manager Joe Young and printed with permission from the writer. Good Afternoon Jeff & Joe, I hope the holidays brought about good times for you & your families. I am writing in regards to the recent development of 120 S. Broadway […]

Four-story building doesn’t belong in downtown LO

This letter concerns the proposed development requested by Jeff Schmitz. I am opposed to this development for several reasons. 1. I don’t think Mr. Schmitz’s current four-story building should have been allowed or approved. This exceeded the height limit and now blocks our quaint downtown view from Lapeer Road. It towers over everything else and […]

Mother Nature always wins

A very common topic for the past few weeks has been the weather extremes. Along with Australian fires, was a volcano in the Philippines which triggered earthquakes, and an earthquake in Puerto Rico. As we heard about how bad the fires were in Australia, many American firefighters left their homes and flew there to help. […]