And…the devil?

As a child my mother taught us the song, “Open Up Your Heart” by Bing Cosby. It is a fun, energetic song that has a lot of positive vibes when you sing it. In the song it says, “If I forget to say my prayers, the devil jumps with glee.” I never wanted that devil […]

Liberty to live as one chooses

I’m sorry, Bruce today, Tom,Dick and Harry tomorrow, Like the streets of LA California. Come on, we have to “nip this” now. Liberty? Ok, I don’t want to follow the speed limit, am I going to get away with speeding? “Liberty to live as one chooses” per your guest writer last week. C.A. Plattenberger Lake […]

Public Safety – July 24

The OCSO Orion Twp. Substation responded to 427 calls from July 15-21, 2019 • Felony Arrests: 3 • Misdemeanor Arrests: 3 • Accidents: 14 Shoplifters are not outsmarting loss prevention at Kohl’s Deputies responded to Kohl’s, 4872 Baldwin Rd., at 2:57 p.m. July 15 for a retail fraud in-progress. Loss Prevention reported they observed two […]

Visioning Angel Wings

One of my favorite statues is that of an angel. When one comes into my sight, they are a vision of openness, caring, loving, selflessness, kindness and representative of all that is good. Angels are mentioned many times as messengers in the bible and they are always there in times of need and to show […]

Do not relocate Bruce

This letter is on behalf of Bruce Gertz in regards to the recent proposal to have him relocated. My family moved to the Lake Orion/Oxford area three years ago. One of the first people they met was Bruce. My family has a special place in their heart for Bruce, providing him food, money, contributing to […]

Single trash hauler important stipulation for Orion Twp.

As I understand it there is an Orion Township committee studying the single hauler issue. If Orion Township does in fact go that way there is an important stipulation that should be in the contract with the new hauler. I live in the northwest corner of the township and we have several private roads with […]