Sincere appreciation for all Lake Orion Community Schools staff members who support our children

This week is designated as National Teacher Appreciation Week. In Lake Orion Community Schools, everyone who improves our children’s lives is a teacher, regardless of their job classification. That’s why I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all staff members who support our children. What each of them do everyday deserves far more appreciation […]

Have a coffee, be sociable

Recently, when asked if I liked coffee, I hesitated on answering because I only like it a little and a certain way. On my spiritual path, truth is important to me, so I replied, “Yes, but I am very fussy about how it is made and put together, so I don’t usually order it out.” […]

Just Get The Measles Shot!

This will not endear me to a certain segment of society but as a senior citizen, and being politically incorrect, I have an obligation to articulate what I suspect is on the minds of lots of people. Anyone who has not had a measles shot for themselves or their offspring are inconsiderate, ill-informed, impertinent, ill-mannered […]

Thank you Family Fun Fest partners and Orion families

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our community and business partners who helped make the Orion Area Youth Assistance Annual Family Fun Fest such a tremendous success last Thursday. With their support, we are able to not only continue this marvelous evening of exciting activities for our Orion families, but […]


Editor’s Note: this op-ed column was submitted by the Michigan High School Athletics Association.   By Karissa Niehoff, Executive Director of the National Federation of State High School Associations  and Mark Uyl, Executive Director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association We communicate on smart phones, drive smart cars, make purchases using smart cards and even […]

Holistic Healing – Energy & Power

When creating the services and events at Unity of Lake Orion, my thoughts are open to the whole connectedness which we have to each other and all creation. When I go into prayer for healing, I am using that same whole interconnectedness and holistic approach. Meaning I see you in God, God in you, as […]


Lake Orion student named a 2019 Good Citizen by Daughters of the American Revolution Lake Orion High School senior Lindsey Smiles was named a 2019 Good Citizen of the year by Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The John Crawford Chapter of the DAR held their annual awards luncheon on March 16 at Nacho’s Taco […]

Thank god for the ladies in Washington…

Please tell me how fear, hate, revenge and ego are going to help get things done in Washington, D.C.? Thank god for the cool heads of the ladies in Washington who are getting things done, despite all that. That’s why I voted for them in the first place! Have a good day. JP King Lake […]

Using Mental Strength, Improve Your Life!

Strength is more than what is found when using our physical muscles. Strength utilized through mind power has an effect on all the cells in our body. Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, tapped into this power and healed herself of tuberculosis by repeating over and over, “I am a child of God, therefore I do […]