Thank you, Orion community, for your giving spirit

I would like to thank Orion Township residents for their most heartfelt donations for local children during the holiday season of 2023. Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Orion Township deputies were able to help 35 different families during the season, whether it be the Shop with a Hero event or during random “traffic stops.” This was […]

Happy New Year – Happy Everything!

When we flipped our calendar page this year, we welcomed 2024! During the next 365 days, our planet orbits the sun, and we all have more time to experience life. Hopefully you have already thought about getting more happiness into your life and enjoying life more fully. That’s a great thought and here is how […]

‘Get the Facts’ on where your taxes go

I received my winter tax statement a few weeks ago. There is nothing on that statement about any tax dollars going to the DDA even though I am in the DDA tax capture area. I filed a FOIA request with Orion Township and the Village of Lake Orion to find out where my tax dollars […]

Orion Lighted Parade Committee thanks community for support

The Orion Lighted Parade Committee would like to apologize for the truck with the very loud train-like horn that was in our parade on Saturday night. We did not know about the extremely loud horn until after the parade had started. We can assure you that this vehicle will not be in the parade again […]

No parking meters in downtown Lake Orion

If downtown Lake Orion goes to paid parking I will never shop or visit downtown again. There are lots more businesses nearby that will gladly take my money and not charge me to park. Bill Bader Orion Township Editor’s note: The Lake Orion Village Council received a presentation from Municipal Parking Service (MPS) on metered […]

What’s going on with Village of Lake Orion government?

Remember the movie “The Music Man” and the song “Ya Got Trouble in River City”, well it reminded me of our village! Lake Orion Police Chief Harold Rossman retired May 1, 2023. As I write this on Nov. 22, 2023, I’m not aware that a replacement has been hired. That’s over 200 days from Rossman’s […]

Great performance, LOHS thespians!

I would like to congratulate the entire cast of Clue for a job very well done. The performance had me laughing continually. All of the roles were brilliantly realized and hilarious. Each performer was able to quickly establish and maintain a solid relationship with the audience while pulling off some of the best hijinks I’ve […]

There’s a cost for elections

The election will be over by the time this letter is presented. I’d like to congratulate the citizens of the Village of Lake Orion for their energy and passion for the subject of the election! I wish that enthusiasm would be present at all times for our community. If you were to review our citizens […]

DDA has made the village ‘a better place to live’

There is an old adage that says “No good deed goes unpunished.” I believe we are seeing this sentiment played out in the last few months here in the Village of Lake Orion by some who have expressed negative reactions to the purpose, the accomplishments and the activities of the DDA. Over the years since […]