Vote Yes on Nov. 7 ballot

The petition to put the question, “Shall the Village of Lake Orion adopt Ordinance No. 36.06, which repeals Ordinance No. 36.05, and cease the capture of taxes from the Village of Lake Orion and other affected taxing authorities?” was signed by 373 certified registered voters.
I believe that it’s safe to say that these 373 people are taxpayers and deserve the right to determine where their tax dollars should be spent and not the vocal special interest group.
Vote “YES” on Nov. 7!

Harry Stephen
Lake Orion

One response to “Vote Yes on Nov. 7 ballot”

  1. (my thoughts) @H, what the hxxl is with the TAX PAYING RES. of this Village that ONLY 373 (15 recent)of them signed to REPEL the funds “captured by the DDA” to be used by the WHOLE Village and not just a few for IMPROVEMENT to a few in the DDA AREA??? that’s like giving a larger slice of the party cake and favors to a few on the list attending the PARTY(DDA)area and the rest of the attendees/get nothing but lip service who knows, nothing ??? they are not in the AREA.

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