Acknowledgment and Thank you

Dear Editor, Two ordinary events lead to the recall of many great youthful memories. Recently my father, James Lewis, known to his family as Jimmy, found two vintage bowling shirts packed away and received an announcement for the Lake Orion all-class reunion scheduled for June 19, 2019. Jim Lewis is a 1949 graduate of Lake […]

Detroit Institute of Arts brings art, history and culture to life beyond museum walls

The Detroit Institute of Arts provides access to one-of-a-kind history and culture for Lake Orion residents and communities across metro Detroit through its Inside|Out program. As Executive Director of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority, I am honored the DIA chose our town to feature high-quality reproductions of the museum’s art right here in the […]

Today I’m A Rambling Man!

Well, the rain in Michigan has temporarily stopped as we await the next opening of the clouds. As I sit here in our Lake Orion home, I have some rambling thoughts to share with you. Feeling sorry for all the graduates who have scheduled an outdoor party. Even with tents the constant rain has put […]

Hey, G.O.P leaders – Do Your Jobs!

TThat would be my advice to the conservative and G.O.P. leaders. The voters are fed up with your garbage. The Democrats are doing their jobs. I plan on voting a straight Democrat ticket in 2020 and taking them all out of office with one vote. That’s better than impeachment. That’s the smart way of doing […]

Who’s Watching?

Parenting is not always easy and that is true for caregiving as well. We are always watching for safety and protection. There are times we have to explain why something cannot be done so many times that our patience wears thin from the repetition. Always remember, though, between you and that thinness is your breath. […]

New Graduates – Life is what you make it!

It is graduation time and it is a wonderful time to celebrate the students’ completion of their many years in school. Congratulations to all the parents or grandparents who have supported the grads through their school years, and for being their biggest fans. You’re the support which got them to where they are today. While […]

Student Achievements

LOHS Dragon Broadcasting and Yearbook win several awards during 2018-19 school year Lake Orion High School’s Dragon Broadcasting is no stranger to awards. This year the program has won more than their fair share of awards. Dragon Yearbook students attended the Spring Awards Conference in April where they were awarded more than 50 awards. The […]

Tortoise and the Hare — age is the great equalizer

Everyone, I suspect, is familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare was critical of the tortoise because of his slow manner. The tortoise responded by challenging the hare to a race. As such, the hare figured that it would be no contest, so along the route he stopped to take […]

On the Other Side…

A recent Facebook post featured a picture of a statue created by Jerry Anderson titled “Come unto me.” The statue features an aged woman knocking on death’s door. On the other side of death’s door, you see her as a younger woman entering the freedom of heaven. She appears happy, willing and ready as she […]

Very one-sided

Very one-sided When it comes to pro-lifers, they always seem to put the blame on the women who are pregnant and seeking an abortion, but never a word on the men who get them pregnant and leave them. Why aren’t they protesting in front of the men’s homes like they do in front of clinics? […]