Keep Lake Orion beautiful and safe

I am a retired veteran and a resident on Lake Orion in the Village of Lake Orion. Our beautiful lake is being polluted with illegal buoys. Owners around the lake have placed illegal buoys in front of their lots on the lake, apparently to keep people away from their shoreline. I checked with the Department […]

Thank you to a ‘wonderful community’ for their support

Recently my husband Charlie and I were presented with a check for Charlie’s continued out-of-pocket physical therapy. He suffered a stroke in 2019 with many complications and setbacks, yet continues to improve daily. We wish to thank our wonderful community for supporting many fundraisers over the last several months. A special shout-out to the owner […]

Hopes Steele doesn’t pursue a political career

Dear editor, I would hope our treasurer does not pursue a political career. (Orion Twp. Treasurer Donnie Steele announced that she is running for state representative in the 46th District.) I can introduce a neighborhood full of people who believe this official cannot tell the difference between civic duty and personal interest. I don’t believe this candidate intends to serve the […]

Too many dogs

I am a dog lover. My family has been the family for numerous dogs over the years. That said… What is the deal with so many dogs in businesses? I’ve seen dogs in a number of businesses in Lake Orion and Orion Township; the home improvement stores, grocery, drug stores and even restaurants. I for […]

Experiencing Freedom

The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776. As we celebrate this year, we can meditate and think about a couple of things. Nearly 245 years ago, those that came before us set up a plan. Their plan would allow them and future generations to live in freedom, liberty and have independence. Awesome […]

Travel Observations

Based on the number of people who have been vaccinated, travel restrictions have been lifted in most instances much to the delight of hotels and restaurants. We recently made a trip to St. Louis to visit grandchildren who we have not seen in sixteen months. Two of our grandchildren – Josh and Jennifer were graduating […]

Rebuttal to ‘The filibuster is racist and needs to go’

I am responding to the June 9 letter to the editor captioned, “The filibuster is racist and needs to go,” (Lake Orion Review, June 9, 2021, page 6) Saying that the filibuster is “racist” and a “Jim Crow Relic” is absurd. The filibuster goes all the way back to Roman times and was not created […]

Good arguments for and against filibuster, but not race

Dear Editor, Julia Cornacchia’s June 9th letter (‘The filibuster is racist and needs to go’) about the filibuster being racist contains some inaccuracies, as well as some valid points. First, it is not “a Jim Crow relic” since it was first used in 1837, some sixty-odd years before the advent of Jim Crow legislation. Secondly, […]

To the generous residents of Lake Orion,

Orion Area Youth Assistance would like to thank the members of the Lake Orion community who donated shoes to our first ever Shoe Drive fundraiser during this past April and May. Our goal was to collect 2,500 pairs of shoes and we were successful! We are working with an organization called Funds 2 Orgs who […]

Best LOHS graduation ever, says proud Dragon

I attended the Lake Orion High School graduation this last Tuesday. It was the best I have ever attended. There were 535 graduating, and the behavior of all attending is to be congratulated. There was only one message on a mortar board hat, no beach balls, no silly string, no unruly behavior of any kind. […]