Motorcycle Alert – If it’s Bumpers vs. Bones, Bumpers always Win

A Guest Column by Chief Jerry Narsh Lake Orion Police Dept.  It’s that time of year folks, we have to shift into motorcycle awareness mode. We are already seeing our motorcycle friends and neighbors chasing winter away from Lake Orion, so please take a moment to consider some scary data, and some interesting data, that tells […]

Orion Township should not be involved in handling trash; free enterprise system should prevail

We are concerned regarding recent decisions limiting trash hauling competition in Orion Township. Educated consumers should be allowed the freedom of choice, unencumbered by government regulations, based on the value received for the cost. (Unless we want more Affordable Health Care?) Two to three years ago, when our trash hauling costs became too expensive, we […]

A Quest for Expanding Your Mind…

One of my favorite hobbies is researching. In an effort to learn more, and be more, I have to keep looking into what else is out there. That makes me think back to years ago when my friend in her nineties said, “The way to keep your mind young and working good as you age […]

Spiritual, not religious, thoughts…By Linda La Croix

A couple years ago I read an Associated Press article which stated many people consider themselves spiritual, not religious. Spiritual, because they believe there is a “Higher Power,” that created our universe. And, spiritual because they do not believe you can limit the connection with that power. In other words, connecting to our Higher Power […]

Hoganson praises Orion/Oxford basketball teams, coaches

What a thrill Friday night. District Championships. Not since the days of Dane Fife have all four sides and upper bleachers (in the Lake Orion Fieldhouse) been filled. Huge student sections. Roger, Anthony, Sammy and Walt at the table. -Seeing the new breed of coaches – and being recognized by them: heart-warming. Then to top […]

Dear residents and visitors using Baldwin Road,

Since Baldwin Road has now received more road improvements in the form of roundabouts, I feel it is necessary to provide some instruction on how to use them properly. It seems the one at Baldwin and Indianwood roads has been understood, but the ones at Baldwin and Judah and Gregory roads have not received the […]

New Life and New Beginnings…

Recently, as a new day was beginning for me, I prepared breakfast and watched as the winter snow was falling. A new text message from a Unity member came in. It was a request asking me to go to a local hospital and meet with someone in her family whose spouse was very ill. Once […]

Unique, Rare, Exclusive or Different…

It’s snowing and again I turn my thoughts to the beauty of the new falling snow for spiritual thoughts to flow in. Sometimes, when there is a light snow, and I am out in it, I will often take a good close-up look at a few of the flakes. Especially those that land on something […]

MI will regret its decision to legalize recreational marijuana

Dear Editor: Last November a majority of voters voted “yes” on Proposal 1, making recreational marijuana legal in Michigan. Each person over the age of 21 will be able to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and each house will be able to grow up to 12 plants thanks to this ill-advised measure. Now […]