Vote Yes on Nov. 7 ballot

The petition to put the question, “Shall the Village of Lake Orion adopt Ordinance No. 36.06, which repeals Ordinance No. 36.05, and cease the capture of taxes from the Village of Lake Orion and other affected taxing authorities?” was signed by 373 certified registered voters. I believe that it’s safe to say that these 373 […]

The DDA is a gem, support it on Nov. 7 ballot and vote No

My fellow Lake Orion neighbors, I’m asking you to vote No Nov. 7 to protect the DDA and keep in place all the funding that makes downtown attractive for residents, businesses and visitors. I’m a 20-year community member and recently we made the move to the village. My wife and I moved downtown specifically because […]

Support the Lake Orion DDA

In 2016 a group of six families contacted the Lake Orion DDA to propose the idea of turning run down building that housed “Ye Old Antiques” into a place that would be not only unique to Lake Orion but also this part of the country – an intimate listening room combined with a cafe and […]

Not in favor of the township purchasing the GLAC

In the Lake Orion Review it said that Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett and attorney Dan Kelley have entered a bid on the Great Lakes Athletic Club. The citizens of Orion were told that when the new Orion Township Hall and the sheriff’s office building were being built there would be no cost to the […]

Beneficial Partnership between the Lake Orion DDA and Orion Art Center

I am writing to you on behalf of Orion Art Center to express our unwavering support and highlight our partnership with the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority. The DDA has supported our 501c3 nonprofit throughout the years, and we are grateful for all of the support and creative collaborations between our two organizations. The DDA […]

It seems the village council rules are arbitrary

Council President Jerry Narsh opened the Oct. 9 village council meeting with an announcement of the new council procedural rules that limit the time for both public and council comments, as adopted at their Sept. 11 meeting. The new rules are not on the meeting agenda so unless you closely follow past meetings, you don’t […]

Vote ‘no’ on Nov. 7 DDA ballot proposal

I urge my fellow residents to vote no on the Nov. 7 ballot proposal to defund the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority. Taxes currently collected and reinvested in our village through the DDA’s Tax Increment Financing Plan are at risk of being diverted to other entities. The decision to defund the DDA would mean that […]

Lake Orion DDA is important to the community

As a small business owner in downtown Lake Orion, I am writing to highlight the outstanding achievements of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority and to emphasize the critical importance of retaining this invaluable organization. In recent years, the DDA has garnered a series of prestigious awards and accolades, underscoring its exceptional commitment to revitalizing […]

Support the Lake Orion DDA

I write to express my support of and appreciation for the invaluable support provided by the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority to the Orion Area Parade Group, ensuring the successful and cherished tradition of the Orion Lighted Parade since 1989. This event has not only illuminated the Village of Lake Orion’s downtown streets, but has […]