Hope the Village of Lake Orion gets its act together

I’m not sure what it means but there is nothing about the election on the Village of Lake Orion website. NOTHING. This is in addition to the incorrect information for a public hearing on new development that was posted on the website and in the Lake Orion Review but did not happen. No one at […]

Vote for Kiesel for State Rep.

I’m a 30-year resident of Lake Orion and lately, living hasn’t been like a vacation. I feel that our elected officials are selling us out! It is time to hold them accountable. Firstly, I have noticed within the past 10 years and sometime prior to that, the Orion Township Board of Trustees has approved a […]

Disappointed that county will count absentee ballots

I’m deeply disappointed after reading the Orion Township Board of Trustees’ minutes for June 20th. Trustees failed to stand up for the rights of township residents to count their own votes. Instead of keeping the responsibility for counting township absentee ballots here in Orion, Clerk (Penny) Shults put forward a resolution to move the counting […]

Kiesel for State Rep.

The other day, at a local restaurant, I experienced the most heartfelt encounter in my lifetime. I fell upon a conversation with a young woman. She couldn’t have been more than 35 years of age. She expressed her concern of the state of affairs of the federal, state and local governments. She proceeded to describe […]

Kiesel for State Rep.

Our state and local government is in a state of despair. It’s well known that Republicans are defaming members of their own party. No wonder, it appears that candidates with the most money typically win elections and we know why. We want true and ethical leaders. The office of the Michigan State Representatives (54th District) […]

Vote for Kiesel

I am writing to express my opinion about sending Donni Steele to Lansing. Donni has not earned my vote. First, she is a career politician. During her term as treasurer, she has raised long-term debt and under her watch the general fund has been depleted. Donni purchased real estate from the township and paid herself […]

Who Am I?

Why have I incarnated into physical life? What am I to do, who am I to be, and what direction or destination brings you and me together today? Lives cross for a reason. Life has a pattern unknown to us yet it weaves its threads like a net bringing people together. So today, destiny brings […]

The Truth…

Dear Editor, (Former President Donald) Trump’s tax cuts added trillions to our debt to make his friends even richer while trying to stop healthcare for millions of voters. I know what the G.O.P. plan is: to cut SSI (Supplemental Security Income) for the elderly, healthcare, and programs that help people that need it, including WIC! […]

Is this another test?

In recent months there has been more drama happening in the world. And, we are the ones God sent to be and have life during this time. That makes it our job to clean up this world! Now that can feel like a big task, especially with so much happening at once. When trying to […]

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