Positive Energy

Life is what we make it! In our Sunday services at Unity of Lake Orion we make it different. We enjoy positive messages each week from different speakers, including messages from volunteers of non-profit groups. Everyone has a ministry inside of them should they choose to put it to good work. For me, it is […]

Ehman Center proposal has too many apartments

I am not saying no to the plan, but (I) do not think we need EIGHTY-NINE apartments on this too small piece of property…it is just too many for this area! And just where would all those cars park? Underground? I live right across the street and have a sump pump over here! So, what […]

Ehman Center proposal is the ‘worst’ idea ever

This is the WORST idea I have ever seen. Other than the developer, who will benefit from this? This will put hundreds of people on residential streets trying to get to M-24, which is already a traffic problem. Would any of you enjoy two apartment buildings holding 90 units on your neighborhood street, plus a […]

Ehman Center redevelopment would be good for LO

Re: The Village of Lake Orion Planning Commission public hearing on the proposed preliminary Planned Unit Development for 55 Elizabeth Street, aka the former Lake Orion High School, aka The Ehman Center. I was at the meeting and there were the usual comments about traffic, parking, and losing a historic building, even though the plan […]

No gaudy billboard needed in the Village of Lake Orion

I hope that a billboard at Broadway and Lapeer is never erected to block our beautifully revitalized Lake Orion streetscape. A tasteful, size appropriate “Welcome to The Village of Lake Orion”, a fountain or even a lighthouse would be more fitting than a big billboard that would block the entrance to our lovely village. Please […]

No billboard needed in the Village of Lake Orion

Re: (‘DDA board hears presentation on possible downtown billboard,’ Sept. 22, 2021, Lake Orion Review, page 3.) If the proposed billboard is to be anywhere near the same scale as the message center billboard across from the Salvation Army in Oxford who would even consider it? It would block the visual entrance to the business […]

‘New’ Heights Road is great, needs lane lines, slower drivers

Hey Neighbors, I am writing in regard to the “NEW” Heights Road, wow, what an improvement…smooth, quiet route. I have yet to find a neighbor who doesn’t love it. No more giant, oversized trucks or trailers rattling and banging through the ruts and potholes assaulting our ears and shaking our houses. The problem is the […]

Come on Oxford students, we can do better

Dear Editor, Yesterday I had a conversation with a Lake Orion High School band parent. She told me that following the Wildcats defeat of the Dragons (Sept. 17 football game at Lake Orion High School), students from Oxford High taunted Lake Orion parents and students as they exited the game, getting in their faces and […]

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