Village needs to stop DDA’s tax capture of residential property

Well, it’s certainly a sin against humanity and totally unfair for the DDA to take village resident tax money (almost $500,000 a year) away from the village, then forcing an unnecessary council vote on a (proposed) village citizen special tax assessment. “Say it isn’t so” to quote a famous phrase applicable in this case because […]

What a shameful public assemblage!

Lake Orion’s village council meeting April 10 was so dysfunctional. Council members disparaging remarks toward each other and unprofessional posturing not only demonstrates a disrespect for the elected office, but disrespect towards the meeting presenters and attendees. The behavior continued until after 11 p.m. with constant interruptions between council members making it difficult to follow […]

DDA vs. village and resident tax increases

In response to Michael Lamb’s’ letter regarding the Special Assessment policy. It seems it’s a good time to revisit the fact that Lake Orion is undoubtedly doing very well, particularly the downtown, where I dare you to find a parking spot after 5 p.m., or anytime on the weekend, due to the huge influx of […]

Dear fellow Village of Lake Orion residents,

Last Monday, a very courageous village council member stepped up to the podium at the village council meeting and put on a presentation that told the painful truth of the extremely poor financial condition the Village of Lake Orion has found itself in. Despite the current real estate boom the village coffers are nearly empty. […]

What the village government is doing is unclear

It is three weeks after Sunshine Week, an annual event to promote open government. No one in the Village of Lake Orion government participated. In the Village of Lake Orion, Freedom of information Act (FOIA) requests are denied because what should be readily available government information does not exist. The village manager said it was […]

Easter is a time of renewal

Spring has sprung! A lot of rain has fallen and this time of year a rainy day which flows right into another reminds me of the dark day surrounding Jesus’ resurrection. In her song about the resurrection, LeAnn Rimes sings, “It must have looked like rain when a thousand angels cried.” Absolutely! The Lent season […]


I have noticed a strange phenomenon in the Village of Lake Orion. It seems laws, rules, and regulations are often considered merely suggestions that can be ignored whenever convenient. Public safety is routinely ignored. Denying or delaying access to what should be public information is commonplace. The standards in the Michigan Building Code are what […]

Love INC is in search of storage space

I am writing on behalf of Love INC North Oakland County. “Love In the Name of Christ of North Oakland County is a non-profit-cooperative effort that links churches, volunteers and service agencies and helps them to organize their efforts by reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged. We serve as a needs Connection Center, where […]

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