Elissa Slotkin: Make addressing Alzheimer’s Disease a priority

Congratulations Representative-Elect Elissa Slotkin! We warmly welcome your leadership to District MI08 (8th Congressional District). I hope that you will address the crisis of Alzheimer’s disease, (making it) a priority in the next Congress. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are 180,000 Michiganders over the age of 65 living with Alzheimer’s, and 514,000 more providing […]

Civility & Democracy are the big winners in LOCS bond election

Civility and Democracy were the biggest winners in Tuesday’s elections in Lake Orion. After a well fought battle over the bond issue, it was so gratifying for me to hear from other precincts that civility and a sense of friendliness existed at the polling locations. Sure, we disagreed on issues but the most important thing […]

‘God bless you, Lake Orion police’

Recently, we were involved in an automobile accident in Lake Orion. While everyone involved — those from EMS, the sheriff’s department and even bystanders — could not have been more compassionate and helpful, we were especially impressed by, and grateful to, the Lake Orion Police. They went “Above and beyond the Call of Duty” to […]

Tomorrow, Kindness

Tomorrow, the sun will come up in the sky, babies will be born; joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure will share the dais, just like they will on Wednesday morning, and hopefully every morning after that. However, the simple act of kindness is fleeting, fleeing or forever gone everywhere in our entire country, in our […]

Are absentee ballots secure?

Recently, my wife and I received the opportunity to receive absentee ballots for the upcoming elections. We accepted the offer and shortly after received the mid-term ballots. While filling out the ballots, we noticed that there is a glaring flaw in this way of voting. Nowhere on the forms do they ask for any form […]

It’s not about ‘Disability’, it’s about ‘Ability’

It’s not about ‘Disability’, it’s about ‘Ability’

The Lake Orion Dragons Middle School Cheer team should be an example to all cheer teams. These wonderful girls and coaches took my daughter, Gabby Vellucci, who has Down syndrome, and made her one of their own. They accepted my daughter on their team and treated her like anyone else. They were so compassionate and […]

NO on the LOCS Bonds

Despite what you have seen on road signs and the information provided by the Lake Orion School system, the Bond proposal requires an additional 3.99 mills in taxes. If you don’t believe me, read the ballot when you are voting. This is one place the school board cannot twist information to support their bloated request. […]

Get to know candidate Mindy Denninger

I have never considered myself to be a “political person.” While I vote in all elections because I truly believe that every vote counts, I have never aligned myself with any one political party or candidate. I considered myself to be an informed independent, who voted for a person, not a party. However, when my […]

No on the LOCS bond

Hopefully, this small thought and observation will not be lost in the noise and smoke surrounding the proposed $160 million LOCS bonding issue. Is it possible the basic reason for the huge amount of the proposed bonding issue is the simple math question, “How much can we borrow without increasing the current millage rate?” Is […]

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