Save the DDA!

I am writing to remind people of the exemplary efforts of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in helping our small town continue to grow and thrive.
There have been false narratives being pushed in regards to how defunding the Lake Orion DDA will decrease taxes for Lake Orion citizens. But it is just that: false. In fact, our taxes will not decrease if the DDA is defunded. Instead, those taxes will still be collected but will leave our community and be sent to other taxing authorities.
We have been downtown business owners for 18 years and have witnessed the incredible impact the DDA has had upon our community. We have festivals, parades, trolleys, and much more that bring great business to our downtown, offering safe and fun activities for all ages.
This is in addition to the Paint Creek Trail Trailhead, children’s playground equipment, much-needed help in the upkeep of our buildings, streets, sidewalks and parking. We have seasonal flowers and holiday lights that contribute to the beautification of our downtown.
The DDA visits all businesses with ideas on how to better attract customers to our town and make it enjoyable for them to want to revisit.
The DDA has been a reliable resource for us and all the businesses downtown.
Without the DDA, we are certain to see a degradation of our quaint and awesome downtown, and Lake Orion as a whole.
Please vote No on the ballot proposal to defund the DDA. Lake Orion thanks you.

Kristy Kowatch
Danielle Kowatch
Twice Blessed & Divas Consignment

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