Thank you, Orion community, for your giving spirit

I would like to thank Orion Township residents for their most heartfelt donations for local children during the holiday season of 2023.
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Orion Township deputies were able to help 35 different families during the season, whether it be the Shop with a Hero event or during random “traffic stops.”
This was the largest donation year since I have been in Orion Township and it shows the heart of the community. I could not be prouder to be part of the Orion family. I’m also so grateful to my staff, who also donated time, money and their heartfelt efforts to the cause.
But it isn’t over yet, we have more families planned to assist as we have some funds left over. Thank you so much, Orion residents, for being there when needed. We look forward to the year ahead.
All of our efforts made the last year a little bit brighter.

Lt. Darren Ofiara
Orion Township Substation

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