The Bond, the Sinking Fund & Taxation without Representation

We just celebrated the Fourth of July. The people in the American colonies were angry that British Parliament was taxing them and “not representing them” over here on this side of the world. They wanted to have a say in things. It is my opinion that the parents of Lake Orion students need to have […]


As I sat and wrote my rough copy, another 15-year-old was shot and killed playing basketball. (Sick). Does it start at “The High” fans that do not stand at the anthem – nor remover their hats? Respect. The female ref in Lapeer that had to throw three visitors from the game – and they were […]

Great column, Don Rush

Dear Mr. Rush, Your column, “A little itty bitty piece of our hearts,” (Lake Orion Review, June 26, page 7) was excellent. It brought back memories of dogs I’ve had over the years. Thanks for writing a nice article. Sincerely, Jack Heal Lake Orion  

Strategic planning talks stir up discussion on community engagement, communication about LOCS school bond at June 26 board meeting

By Megan Kelley Review Writer During their June 26 meeting, the Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education heard from Kay Cornell, senior consultant for Learning Forward, and Suzanne Klein, Professor in Oakland University’s School of Education and Human Services, regarding the district’s plans to update their strategic plan. “The board has spent some time […]

How much does ‘Village of’ cost?

How much does ‘Village of’ cost?

By Jim Newell Review Editor How much does the “Village of” cost? About $117 per letter. Or, more accurately, $47.77 per letter to get “Village Established 1859” printed on the gateway sign at the intersection of Flint Street and Lapeer Road (M-24). Or, only $23.86 per letter for the 44 letters to print “Village Established […]

Lake Orion High School Alumni and current safety for the Dallas Cowboys Jeff Heath plays a little football with some campers on the last day of his yearly FUNdamentals football camp at Lake Orion High School on Friday. Videos of the camp are available on the Lake Orion Community Schools Facebook and Twitter pages.  

LOCS design teams continue to make progress with bond work

By Megan Kelley Review Writer Amidst heavy discussion on how to better communicate bond updates to the community, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Heidi Mercer took the opportunity to clarify to the board that bond progress is mostly still in the beginning stages. “These projects that we have going right now, these meetings, there […]

Orion Township to participate in National Disability Voter Registration Week

The Orion Township Clerk’s Office announced last week that they would be participating in National Disability Voter Registration Week, July 15-19.This is a nonpartisan effort to increase the political participation of people with disabilities. Township Clerk Penny Shults and her staff will be at the Orion Township Public Library on July 15 and July 17 […]

Orion Twp. Planning Commission meeting canceled for July 3

The regular meeting of the Orion Township Planning Commission scheduled for July 3 has been canceled due to a lack of agenda items. The planning commission’s next regularly scheduled meeting is 7 p.m. July 17 in the board meeting room, lower level of Township Hall, 2525 Joslyn Rd. The planning commission meets regularly on the […]