LOHS Senior of the Week — Audrey Giacolone

Parents: Ryan and Lori Giacolone Grade: 12 GPA: 4.0 Favorite subject(s): Biology and Chemistry Extracurricular activities: I love to paint and also play lacrosse. Hobbies/Interests: I am on the varsity lacrosse team and I also paint shoes and sell them to customers. Plans after graduation: I plan to work and take classes and then eventually go […]

Lake Orion High School Top 10 Graduates of 2021

Natalie DeLong Parents: Doug and Jennifer DeLong GPA: 4.427 College: Michigan State University Scholarships: MSU Michigan Resident Scholarship (highest level) Clubs/Activities/Sports: Competitive studio dance, Varsity Dance Team (captain), National Honor Society, Students Offering Support Club, Leadership Development Workshop. Awards/Certificates: AP Scholar with Honor, OAA Scholar Athlete, Lamp of Learning gold. Interests/Hobbies: Dance, music, cooking, and […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Stanton Ashman

Parents: John and Kathy Grade: 12 GPA: 3.85 Favorite subject(s): Anything science related. Extracurricular activities: Coaching tennis and participating in TPW live streaming events. Hobbies/Interests: I like to play guitar, workout and hangout with friends. Plans after graduation: I plan to go to Colorado State University and study biochemistry. Stanton is proudest of: Making my dream […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Erin Grupenhoff

Parents: Kimberly and Doug Grupenhoff Grade: 12 GPA: 3.8 Favorite subject(s): Science Extraurricular activities: My favorite extracurricular activities are playing soccer, snowboarding and working out. Hobbies/Interests: I’m really interested in traveling and learning about new places. Plans after graduation: After graduation, I plan to attend MSU and study something in the science field Erin is proudest […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Kade Manzo

Parents: Jim and Sarah Manzo Grade: 12 GPA: 3.525 Favorite subject(s): History and Physical Education Extracurricular activities: Playing sports and hanging out with friends. Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, golfing and being active. Plans after graduation: I am attending Northern Michigan University where I plan on majoring in Marketing and minoring in sport and fitness management. I also will […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Lily Woityra

Parents: Cory and Debbie Woityra Grade: 12 GPA: 4.15 Favorite subject(s): English Extracurricular activities: Theater and Forensics (Prose) Hobbies/Interests: Community and professional theater, painting, babysitting and thrifting. Plans after graduation: Pursue a BFA in Acting at either Oakland University or SCAD. Lily is proudest of: Getting through high school! Lily makes a contribution by: I perform […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Amy Pordon

Parents: Dawn Pordon and Terry Pordon Grade: 12 GPA: 3.95 Favorite subject(s): I like math a lot because there’s always a solution! Extracurricular activities: I take part in choir. I’m a choir officer, librarian and I take part in the extra choirs outside of class! I also do theatre and take part in each show! Hobbies/Interests: […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Macey Kneiding

Parents: Stephanie and Mike Kneiding Grade: 12 GPA: 3.97 Favorite subject(s): Human Anatomy, Chemistry and Biology Extracurricular activities: Leadership, National Honors Society, Dragon M.D. and Bully Busters. Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, Baking, Photography and volunteering around the community. Plans after graduation: I plan on attending Michigan State University to study Health Sciences Macey is proudest of: I am […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Julia Deprez

Parents: Mark and Cheryl Grade: 12 GPA: 4.19 Favorite subject(s): U.S. government and English Extracurricular activities: Tennis, DECA and NHS Hobbies/Interests: Hanging out with friends and playing tennis Plans after graduation: Study political science and go to law school Julia is proudest of: Athletic and academic accomplishments Julia makes a contribution by: By volunteering at different […]

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