Senior of the Week — Sydney Martin

Parents: Scott and Julianne Martin Grade: 12 GPA: 4.044 Favorite subject(s): English Language Arts Extracurricular activities: Lake Orion Robotics Team 302; Tabletop Gaming Club. Hobbies/Interests: I like to write stories. I also volunteer at many events with our robotics team, such as science fairs and community festivals. Plans after graduation: I will attend Michigan State […]

Senior of the Week — V Wagner

Parents: Jean and Ben Wagner Grade: 12 GPA: 3.91 Favorite subject(s): Art and Science Extracurricular activities: Playing snare drum and cymbals in marching band and winter percussion Hobbies/Interests: guitar, writing poetry. Plans after graduation: I plan to go to college or trade school for metalsmithing and fine arts. I am also interested in continuing to […]

Senior of the Week — Sky Kaufman

Parents: Kirk and Jennifer Kaufman Grade: 12 GPA: 3.94 Favorite subject(s): Art and History Extracurricular activities: I love attributing my time to the arts. Hobbies/Interests: I can play the piano, ukulele and kalimba. I also love to fish and snorkel up north during the summer. On an average day, I usually draw and listen to […]

Senior of the Week — Alison May

Name: Allison May Parents: Catherine and Paul May Grade: 12 GPA: 4.127 Favorite subject(s): English Extracurricular activities: I love being a part of Lake Orion Leadership and being on the girls varsity basketball team. Hobbies/Interests: Outside of school I am a waitress at Bitter Toms Distillery, part of the St. Josephs Youth Ministry and I […]

Senior of the Week — Teagan Monahan

Parents: Brian and Wendy Monahan Grade: 12 GPA: 3.752 Favorite subject(s): Forensic science, Spanish, History and ELA Extracurricular activities: Marching band Hobbies/Interests: Painting, reading and gardening. Plans after graduation: I plan to go away to college and study forensic science/criminal justice. Teagan is proudest of: Getting 2nd place at the MCBA state finals twice in my […]

Senior of the Week — Emma Laviolette

Parents: Charlotte and Michael Laviolette Grade: 12 GPA: 3.980 Favorite subject(s): Science and Math Extracurricular activities: Cheer and Youth Group Hobbies/Interests: I love hanging out with friends and family, fishing in the summer, baking chocolate chip cookies, going to Pine Knob and babysitting. Plans after graduation: I plan on attending Saginaw Valley State University and getting […]

Senior of the Week — Ava Hawkins

Parents: Myke and Tonya Hawkins Grade: 12 GPA: 3.75 Favorite subject(s): Choir and Social Studies Extracurricular activities: Theatre and Choir Hobbies/Interests: Guitar, dance, piano Plans after graduation: Get a degree in vocal performance and do opera. Ava is proudest of: Staying dedicated to piano for 13 years. Ava makes a contribution by: I take on […]

Senior of the Week — Kennedi Crismon

Parents: Staci Crismon Grade: 12 GPA: 4.0 Favorite subject(s): OSTC Health Sciences Extracurricular activities: Going to the gym, spending time with my friends and family, playing sports. Hobbies/Interests: Working out, baseball/softball, babysitting. Plans after graduation: Attend OCC to fulfill my pre-requisite classes, then Oakland University to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I would […]

Senior of the Week — Jillian Jansson

Parents: Jennifer and Ray Jansson Grade: 12 GPA: 3.94 Favorite subject(s): Anything science related! Extracurricular activities: Producing stories for LO-AM and working our live streams. TPW has allowed me to experience many different events around Lake Orion that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Hobbies/Interests: I am an equestrian of 6 years and horseback riding […]

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