LOHS Senior of the Week — Abby Regalia

Parents: Susie and Matt Regalia Grade: 12 GPA: 4.394 Favorite subject(s): Human Anatomy and AP Biology Extracurricular activities: I love to play soccer and am Co-President of Cultural Outreach. Hobbies/Interests: I love to read and go to the gym. Plans after graduation: I plan on attending college and going into sports medicine. Abby is proudest of: […]

Senior of the Week — Amielia Haas

Parents: Daniel and Andrea Haas Grade: 12 GPA: 4.277 Favorite subject(s): English Extracurricular activities: I love Leadership, Cultural Outreach, Cross Country and Lacrosse Hobbies/Interests: I like to spend time with friends, going shopping, to the movies and running. Plans after graduation: I plan on getting a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and then get a Master’s in […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Madison Carico

Parents: Melissa Cario and John Carico Grade: 12 GPA: 4.250 Favorite subject(s): English and History Extracurricular activities: Forensics, Knitting Club, lacrosse and S.O.S. Hobbies/Interests: Reading, writing, poetry, knitting and making jewlery Plans after graduation: Go to Northern Michigan University and study English. Madison makes a contribution by: I always pick up trash when I see it. […]

Senior of the Week — Parker Pearson

Parents: Kevin and Jennifer Pearson Grade: 12 GPA: 3.67 Favorite subject(s): My favorite school subject is Welding class. Extracurricular activities: My favorite extracurricular activities are terrain park skiing and skateboarding. Hobbies/Interests: I like teaching kids how to ski at Pine Knob. For several years, I have worked for Lake Orion Youth Baseball League as an umpire. […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Madelyn Chuck

Parents: Jennifer and Richard Chuck Grade: 12 GPA: 3.9 Favorite subject(s): Science/Band Extracurricular activities: I play flute in the band and marching band. Hobbies/Interests: I like spending my time outside of school with friends and family. Plans after graduation: My hopes are to attend college to get a bachelors in nursing. Madelyn is proudest of: The […]

Senior of the Week — Maria Schueller

Parents: Laura and Greg Schueller Grade: 12 GPA: 4.075 Favorite subject(s): Choir, Art, English, Government Extracurricular activities: Marching Band, Winter Guard Hobbies/Interests: Listening to podcasts, reading, hiking in the woods and admiring the birch trees. Plans after graduation: Help my mom move into a different house, then enter college and explore different areas of study. Maria […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Haley Pauzus

Parents: Bill and Bette Pauzus Grade: 12 GPA: 4.112 Favorite subject(s): Band, Choir and Science Extracurricular activities: Soccer, Marching Band, and National Honor Society. Hobbies/Interests: Playing the tuba and hanging out with my friends. I also love to travel and hope to do more in the future. Plans after graduation: I plan on going to college […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Owen Resch

Parents: Eric and Marlene Resch Grade: 12 GPA: 3.97 Favorite subject(s): Physics and Engineering Extracurricular activities: Robotics, Television Production Workshop and National Honor Society. Hobbies/Interests: 3D printing, building computers and hockey. Plans after graduation: Study Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Michigan Tech University. Owen is proudest of: My dedication and commitment to my activities. Owen makes […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Ainsley Woodrum

Parents: Tracy and Jason Woodrum Grade: 12 GPA: 4.313 Favorite subject(s): Science or Math Extracurricular activities: Varsity lacrosse and Mentoring Middle Schoolers club Hobbies/Interests: I love to hang out with my friends, run/workout and travel. Plans after graduation: I want to go to University of Michigan or Grand Valley and study health sciences. Ainsley is proudest […]

LOHS Senior of the Week — Brooke Woodrum

  Parents: Tracy and Jason Woodrum Grade: 12 GPA: 4.304 Favorite subject(s): English, Psychology, Government/Politics Extracurricular activities: Leadership, Basketball, National Honor Society, Rho Kappa Hobbies/Interests: Babysitting/Pet-sitting, working at Green Hippo Gifts, playing/watching sports, spending time with friends and family, volunteering and reading. Plans after graduation: Attend a large university to obtain my bachelor’s and master’s degree […]