Oakland County Sheriff reminds shoppers: Don’t be a victim this holiday season

Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard wants to remind people that awareness of shopping or charity scams, whether online, through the mail, or in person, and knowing what to look out for, can help prevent citizens from becoming a victim. “Criminals are looking for easy targets and victims, especially during the holiday shopping season,” said Bouchard. “Whether […]

Spiritual, not religious, thoughts…By Linda La Croix

A couple years ago I read an Associated Press article which stated many people consider themselves spiritual, not religious. Spiritual, because they believe there is a “Higher Power,” that created our universe. And, spiritual because they do not believe you can limit the connection with that power. In other words, connecting to our Higher Power […]

Releasing and letting go for the New Year!

Here we are at the end of December, which tells us that the year 2018 is soon coming to a close. As always, our thoughts begin to look back over the past year. It’s a time when people like to check in with how their thoughts and actions over the past 12 months may have […]

The Symbols of Christmas

A column by Linda La Croix The symbols of Christmas were active and created fun for many at the Holly Jolly Folly held at Golling Buick GMC on Lapeer Road. It is a fundraising dinner which supports the Lake Orion Lighted Parade. We attended because the lighted parade is always an exciting event for kids […]

Thank God for Everything…

All of us have heard the saying; “like attracts like” which many know as the law of attraction. In New Thought Churches like Unity, you will find we understand and work with this concept all the time. It’s not referred to as “the law of attraction”, but the will of our thoughts in creating our […]

The Influence of Divine Connections

Wow, what a week we are experiencing! We ended daylight savings time, mid-term elections and a new moon, all in the same week! I threw in the new moon, because when living life as a spiritual walk you come to understand that God who has created everything has given each creation a divine connection to […]

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