Our furry friends…

By Linda La Croix

Review Columnist

Years ago, I read having pets in your home is a wonderful way for children to learn about life outside of themselves. Pets are fun to play with, but they cannot do anything for the child. Pets require their people to do their care. This creates a good experience for children to learn responsibility for another’s life.

That thought made sense to me because pets cannot prepare food or clean-up after themselves. We must do all this for them. Therefore, children raised with furry friends are more likely to learn to give and do for others. We have always had a dog and when they become ill or advanced age it takes the whole family working as a team to provide care.

They are definitely a long term commitment though and you never really know how long that will be. So you love them and have fun with them as long as you can. In return your pets love and devote their lives to you. When leaving any of my dogs home alone I would tell them how long I expected to be gone; be right back or see you in a couple hours. However long it was upon my return I was always greeted with excitement.

The unconditional love your pet gives you is the same type of love God, your Creator, has for you. Dog, God, see the similarity?

When you take the time to be in the present moment with your pet you will feel a warm sensation of love. It travels from inside you to that animal and back to you again. In that moment you are the outpouring of God in action. Those good love vibes are being exchanged and it makes you both feel loved, happy and comforted.

Good feelings have God power in them. We know this because we know; God is good all the time. Anywhere we feel the good we know God is present. And, we know that good power feeds happiness into the cells of our body. Wellness usually follows and peace of mind too.
Unfortunately, our furry friends don’t have as long a life expectancy as us. My family just had the opportunity to learn to let go and let God. My biggest questions were what would happen if the dog was out in nature? How much pain is too much? This was a big decision and one we waited and thought over for a long time.

As pet owners we know their time with us is shorter than we would like. And, like many of you, we had made this type of decision before. This time was not any different for us, it was difficult and sad. We did find some good in our experience this time though. Our veterinarian’s office recommended we check out Lap of Love, a pet hospice. They have a great video on their website that supports anyone who has ever had to help their furry friend cross the rainbow bridge.

As with other veterinarians they care about the animals and don’t want them to suffer. By taking time to be in the present moment, we could see our furry friend, who loved us unconditionally, tried her best to keep moving for us. True love and trust until the end. The question was could we love enough to let go?

God brings us through many storms in our lives. Being a spiritual person I know there is life after life and it’s good and it’s God. Love and trusting the process of our pets’ life was up to us. Could we stop intervening and let life happen? Could we let God’s good flow through her and bring her back to spirit? (Yes, there are dogs and cats in heaven.)

We were comforted by the gentle care, peace and dignity of our fur baby being in her own yard. It provided a setting she was comfortable with and that supported us. We all watched the process providing comfort and love in her last moments. We were assured and comforted as the veterinarian walked us through every step.

Owning pets is a learning adventure and a fun one too! Yet at one point each pet will come to the end of their time with us. And, when we are ready to love and trust the process of life we will once again let go and let God return them to spirit. There is something peaceful in not letting them suffer.

Finding a pet hospice was very good too. I am committing that to memory as it can help long before the transition process. If you have also been through the transition of a fur baby, which still tugs at your heart strings, please know I hold you in the light of prayer for peace and tranquility. Seeing, knowing and affirming that your heart is open, clear and filled with only good memories of the love you shared.

Each one of our furry friends blesses us with the opportunity to share, give and receive unconditional love. Trust the process.
Should you get another pet, spend time in the present moment watching it. Look for the good. In it you will see the actions and energies of your previous pet(s). Our fur babies never really leave us, they are always in our hearts and just a thought away. So love them, make a difference in their lives and be open to experiencing another when their time is complete.

1 John 4:8 tells us; whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love. (GNT)

In peace and love,
Linda La Croix

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