You count, you are important – A column by Linda La Croix

A few years ago, I had a family tree researcher look for information on my family. Her report included information found through past census records. How awesome it was to find out about previous family members, where they lived, how many people lived in their home and who they were.

Linda LaCroix

From this story we can learn that each one of us is important to the future progress of our country and to what we leave for the generations that follow us – we count!

Filing this year’s census online made it so easy to be counted. A quick Google search states that every year that ends in zero is a census year. By completing the 2020 Census you are counted. Being counted is important to the funding given to your community, which provides for public services in the area where you live. Including emergency services, school districts, and congressional seats along with other governmental support that each of us requires in our lives.

Dig further into the Census and you will find more ways you count. Finding out you count tells you that you are intertwined to the bigger picture. AND, of course all of us are important to that bigger picture. Most people undervalue their own importance and what their energy gives to the world. You might think you are here just because someone had a baby or by a chance of rotten luck. Neither is true, we select our time to experience life.

In the energy of this universe you have come to contribute, to have life, and to be counted. Your life is important and whatever you are doing, you are doing your part to make the world a better place. You have come to experience life exactly as it is at this time.

Right now, while still under the “stay home, stay safe” order, we have time to think about our lives. This includes contemplating why we would choose to have life during the time of an awful pandemic. Why? We chose because we are the ones! We were made to stand up and be counted. We came to live life abundantly and anything less than that requires us do some work on ourselves. Now is the time to do what we came to do – create a better world. A world where future generations will look back at our time and know our lives counted.

How do we do this? Let’s get started.

Awareness is always the first key. Agree to be an open and willing participate in seeing your own value and your own worth. Every time you walk by a mirror make it a point to look in the mirror and say; “I see you,” and truly see yourself. When you can truly see yourself then start saying; “You count and your life is important!” These words are very important words for your mind to hear you say.

It is always the good energy you want to keep your focus on. What you think about you bring about. Think and say things that lift your thoughts up. While you are in your place of thinking ask yourself; What is it that I want the future to hold for me? And, then let’s create that.

On a piece of paper write down a list of what you want your life to be like, in the future, when our stay home orders are lifted. You can write down your pros, but do not write down a cons list. We do not want to filter any of our good energy to things we hold in our mind that are not good. The Universe is always willing to give you what you focus on the most. It does not matter whether it is a focus on what is good or what is bad. The one you give the most attention is the energy that is lifted.

After you make your list hold those good thoughts in your mind as if you have received them already. No matter what you hear or see hold your focus on your pros list.

Once you make the decision to see your world in a way that looks better for you hold that in a space of positive consciousness and prayer. Do not sway in your thinking.

Remember you count! You are important!

When you really know that, it is then, the creation and existence of this entire universe, the engineer and great designer of all that is, will provide the life you have written on your paper.

From (NKJV) 1 Peter 2:9But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Many blessings on being counted as you create your new life,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion

See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website,, of more enlightening posts.


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