In the land of plenty — A column by Linda La Croix

Growing up most of us had fun playing the board game, Monopoly. As the game advances you often find yourself hoping and praying you do not have to land on a space where the land owner has houses or hotels. The more houses or hotels the owner has the larger your rental payments will be. Using paper money you received when you started the game, or that you earned when others paid you, you make your payments. It’s just a game, it is only paper money, yet it still carries some of the emotions and feelings of the real world.

In the past few weeks, there have been many emotions expressed about our real world. Sometimes it feels so different from what we once knew it doesn’t feel real. There have been plenty of changes that have left an indelible mark on everyone in our world.

Each day, we now incorporate the plentiful changes that have been brought to our awareness. Our world has changed and our society continues to find ways to adapt to those changes. The question is now what? We said goodbye to our old world and our old ways. What do we want our new world to look like and be like?

Living life as a spiritual walk we know we create our world. What we think in our conscious minds will be reflected in our lives.

If we want to live with plenty of harmony, joy, love and peace in our world, we must first become those feelings and emotions. How we do that is to awaken ourselves with the idea or knowledge that there is always plenty of goodness in the world. We must reach into our consciousness and find it. We cannot get stuck in the idea that another person or group will bring good things into our lives.

We create, we desire, we pray, and we affirm goodness is ours. We do not waiver and think there is anything less instore for us. We know Divine Mind as our Creator and Source already has the plan unfolding for us. In this land of Divine Mind plenty exists to create a wonderful and peace filled life for each of us. We obtain our wonderful life by tapping into the land of plenty through our prayers and meditations. We never ask or beg, stating what we need to be happy, because our thoughts could limit the greatness that we receive. Instead we go into the land of plenty with an open mind and heart.

We never have the perfect answer. We trust that the perfect answer will always be provided to us.

In our prayers and through our conscious mind we think on our present situations and how they make us feel. Then we think on what it would be like to have those unpleasant or limiting situations gone from our lives and our world. How the changes will come about we leave up to Divine Mind. Without designing the outcome we affirm we have received the absolute best of everything. And, in our minds eye we see ourselves experiencing emotions and feelings that make us feel free.

Every day we can experience something that tries to shift us away from feeling free. Do not settle for going back to the old ways of being. Instead, affirm that you now live in the land of Divine Mind – the land of plenty. Life does have times that do not look or feel good, but God truly has plenty to offer you. Holding your faith in trying times is your greatest asset to achieving plenty. It is always important to visualize yourself as you want to be; such as living a life filled with plenty of joy, love and peace.

In the game of Monopoly, there is also a space you can land on called “free parking.” When you land there it means you don’t have to do anything. It’s simply a free space. You don’t have to pay anyone and, more importantly, you don’t have to do anything until your next turn. It’s like a time-out for your mind to be free.

When the “real world” just feels too much, I encourage you to take a time out. Go to a place and park yourself right in the “free parking” space. A place that will ask you for nothing and all you have to do is quiet yourself and connect in the land of plenty with God.

Remember, just like Jesus taught us in The Lord’s Prayer, the feelings and emotions that we hold in our heart is what we will see in our mind. “On earth as it is in heaven…” is our creation. Ask for nothing simply connect your conscious mind with Divine Mind, God our Creator, and Source. Sit quietly, let all of God’s goodness flow in and through you, while you sit freely with the energies that are all there is.

Enjoy being in the land of plenty, your real world.


Linda La Croix

Unity Director at See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or visit her website at


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