Trustee Ron Sliwinski needs to keep his word and resign

On Monday, April 16, 2018, I appeared before the Orion Township Board of Trustees to comment on a pending issue in the township. My comments, in part, were as follows: “Mr. Chairman [Supervisor Chris Barnett], I am responding to your statement in the March 29, 2018 Lake Orion Review article. In regard to Trustee Ron […]

President Trump most correct – Communist China violates, does not honor their WTO agreements!

President Trump most correct – Communist China violates, does not honor their WTO agreements!   Japan, Australia, India, Europe, England, Canada, and the United States all pretty much agree that China is violating numerous WTO agreements, Dumping products into most of the world’s Markets/Economies and despite years of complaints filed with the WTO against China, […]

Don’t tread on me with your single hauler trash plan

We already have only one garbage hauler come down our road in NW Orion Township. That is because Odd Job Disposal was willing to back down our private road to pick up my trash. When my neighbors saw that they no longer had to carry their trash down to the main road they all signed […]

Congratulations LOHS Robotics Team 302 on your championship!

Congratulations to the Lake Orion High School students on the FIRST Robotics Team 302 for winning the championship at the Miami Valley Regional competition at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. These super students lost only 1 game the entire weekend and that was in the best 2 out of 3 games in the finals. […]

Lawmakers need to take action on Extreme Risk Protection Order

As we look toward Washington to take action to reduce the number of shooting incidents in our schools, I pursued a more ‘local’ effort. On February 15th, I sent an email to our State Representative John Reilly (District 46). I suggested that he take a leadership role in proposing a State House Bill that has […]

Michigan Winter – Donuts & Divets

Navigating Michigan roads this winter is tantamount to walking through a mine field. It’s been said that our roads are the worst in the nation. That was stated long before the current experience of potholes surfaced, which have, in some cases, become so large and dangerous that highways have been closed for emergency repairs. Traffic […]

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