LO Chatroom: Chatty or Catty?

One of the advantages of living in the United States is the ability to express ourselves unabashedly – it’s called Freedom of Speech and it is guaranteed in the Constitution. As we have seen over the years, people are not reluctant to voice their opinion, whether it is about politics, movies, restaurants, TV shows, sports, […]

Reilly is wrong on education

I attended Representative John Reilly’s monthly meeting last week at the Orion Twp. Library. What I heard dropped my jaw to the floor. When asked directly if he’d like to see charter schools in Lake Orion, he replied, with no hesitation, “Yes”. While his voting record proves that he does not generally support our public […]

A warning to residents who drive on Orion Twp. roads

A warning to Orion Township residents who drive on Orion Township roads: If you see a police car behind you, pull over immediately into a driveway or a business parking lot along the road and wait for this police car to go past you. I was driving to the Orion Oaks Dog Park Wednesday morning. […]

Down Syndrome Guild thanks community for support

On Saturday (Oct. 21) at the Knight’s of Columbus Hall, the Down Syndrome Guild put on a BOO BASH and ended with a TRUNK OR TREAT and invited their friends with disabilities from the Lake Orion schools to join in on all the fun. It was a HALLO-ween of a good time! And the turn […]

Let’s All Strive To Be Mediocre!

Several high schools throughout the country are now experimenting with eliminating recognition of students with a high GPA. In fact, some schools have curtailed the labeling of a Valedictorian or Salutatorian. The rational is that some students feel intimidated by fellow students who are studious, are educationally driven and strive to be accepted at prestigious […]

‘Taking a knee…’

I’ve been doing it most of my life when I go to church. I plan on keeping taking a knee anytime and anywhere I choose. I take orders from no one. If you want to wrap a flag around yourself and stand, that’s your right. And if the (football) players want to take a knee, […]

LO Freshman football team displays patriotism at game

I would like to share a story with you. About a week-and-a-half ago, I went to watch my grandson, who plays football for the Lake Orion freshman football team, play on the road. Before the game, it was announced that for technical reasons they would not be able to play the national anthem. I looked […]

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