How do we achieve world peace?… A Spiritual Walk

Recently, the world as we knew it changed when the leaders of North and South Korea met in peace. Not only was there an exchange of a handshake and a smile, but each stepped across the border onto the land of the other country. There was an amazing and peaceful energy which surrounded the two leaders.

As I watched I thought how interesting it was that leaders of other countries would also see, two leaders, from two countries, which had been at war with each other coming together in unity.

This action put us one step closer to world peace.

But, true world peace can only be possible when we, as a people, make the decision within ourselves to create peace in our own little corner of the world.

To do this we have to become peacekeepers. A peacekeeper is someone who works on themselves. They clean up the mess in their own consciousness. In doing this they make peace within their own life and that peace spreads out to the world around them.

The world has known many peacekeepers and the first to come into my mind is Mother Teresa. When once asked to come to an anti-war demonstration, Mother Teresa said she would not attend but to invite her if they held a pro-peace event.

Mother Teresa consciously made a choice. She bought into being a part of what was good and created the good whenever and wherever she could. She consciously dedicated her life as a life that would represent God’s love to others. When that type of love fills your heart, there is no room for anything less.

Often, we blame others for our unhappiness, but if we take a good look at ourselves, we will find that the problem really begins inside of us. It is right there in our own thinking. So, if we want to see peace in our outer world, we must first create peace inside of us.

A Google search shows the average person has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. Evaluate your thoughts to see if any of them are upsetting to you. See if your thoughts make demands on others, or judges others.

Every day as you awaken and your thoughts begin, decide what you will put into your day. Think positive, uplifting thoughts and thoughts that build you or others up. If this is difficult, look at changing what information comes in from outside sources.

Sometimes, even when we are living peacefully and in the flow with God, turbulent thought patterns come into our life and disturb our inner harmony. Begin to notice them as such and when they show up just think a little about them and say “peace” to those thoughts. Soon they will leave your conscious mind and you will feel the change within you.

Unity Churches are great communities that respect and accept all pathways to God. We connect you to the truth you seek with positive, uplifting and spiritual information. By including these you find inner peace so you can build your life up in positive ways.

Prayer for inner peace — Dear God, Creator of all that is both visible and invisible, I remember daily to open my eyes to what is happening in the world around me. I now become acutely aware of all thought patterns as they come into my life. I easily create new, peace-filled and positive ways to make changes within myself. I accept my new world filled with harmony, peace, love, joy and an abundance of blessings. God you created me to be your love in action and I gratefully accept that love working in and through me as me. Amen

Matthew 5:9 tells us: “Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called sons of God.”

Be filled with peace,

Linda La Croix

Linda La Croix is the Unity Director & Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Online at

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