Angels walk among us in Lake Orion

In a world of uncertainty, stress and downright ugliness, I want to share an amazing story of human compassion, selflessness and an over-abundance of love right here in our own Lake Orion.
While the list is too long to thank each of you here, I have affectionately named them our “Labor of Love Angels!!!”
My name is Lori Ross and my husband Jeff is battling cancer for the third time in less than four years. We have three beautiful children, two off to college, and one home at Lake Orion High School.
We all have been touched by this terrible disease in some way, and as a caregiver sometimes it can be down-right overwhelming.
While not to be long winded, let’s just say I am not a good floor installer and thanks to Jeff’s lifelong friend, Rich Wessel, he rallied the “Angels” and what we thought was a little paint and floor redo turned into a weekend home makeover by these amazing and wonderful people.
They sent us away to Grand Rapids and transformed our home inside and out to help with baby #2 grad party. These people put aside a weekend and their everyday life to tend to ours.
We are forever grateful.
All of us have a story, a struggle and downright tough times, but I want you to know that true “Angles” walk among us every day in our community.
Reach out, lend a hand, hold a door, give a smile… you never know whose life you can change!!!
Love the Ross Family
Lake Orion