Phone Apps Are Sleuth Like!

If you have a Smart Phone, and most people do these days, you realize just how much our lives are controlled by that electronic item we travel with everywhere.  There are apps on our phones that allow us to “find our car”, or “find our keys” or “find our friends” or the best, “find my phone”.  That is all fine and good unless your phone dies just as ours did this past Sunday.  Talk about feeling completely lost – wow!

Our phone went out on Sunday morning and would not open or even take a charge.  So off to Verizon to get a fix.  Once there we were informed that our phone had died a happy death and it could not be resuscitated.  Fortunately, we had insurance which means we could receive a new phone with no charge.  We were told that a new phone would arrive on Tuesday from FedEx.  And as promised a new phone arrived right on time.

Now as a senior citizen opening the box and looking at the instructions to activate the phone was a bit daunting so off to the Verizon office we went.  Once there a rep known as a “solutions specialist” took the new phone, downloaded all the pictures and phone numbers and activated the phone.  Of course we had to recall and enter all the passwords which points out that if you have different passwords for all your electronic equipment it is a good idea to record those words or numbers in a safe place which is what we did.

The rep at Verizon even boxed up the old phone and we returned it to the company via UPS.  In fact, we took the old boxed phone to the UPS store and moments later we received an e-mail that the phone was on its way to Verizon.

The next step on the phone update was linking it to the system on our car – blue tooth – which allows one to receive calls in your automobile without having to lift the phone – just press a button on the steering wheel.  This is a valuable devise because in some towns and cities if you are caught talking on your phone while driving there would be a $100 fine!

We have been with Verizon for many years and we are very satisfied with the service which is superb.  Now I am not a shill for Verizon but how about this?  On Tuesday after the phone arrived I received a call from the Verizon Executive office asking if I was satisfied with the new phone and the service!  Now that is role model world class customer service!

So all is back to normal in our life.  Not having a phone strapped to my waist made me discombobulated.  I knew that I was missing calls and e-mails and text messages and I felt lost.  Now that I have my phone back I will be able to find my car – find my keys – find my friends – and find my next vanilla latte at Biggby!  Life is good!