President Trump most correct – Communist China violates, does not honor their WTO agreements!

President Trump most correct – Communist China violates, does not honor their WTO agreements!


Japan, Australia, India, Europe, England, Canada, and the United States all pretty much agree that China is violating numerous WTO agreements, Dumping products into most of the world’s Markets/Economies and despite years of complaints filed with the WTO against China, the WTO has proven to be a very ineffective/useless oversight Organization when it comes to making China follow the rules which they agreed too!

China just keeps playing the whole world as if they are the only ones with the brains to figure out a way to cheat to improve their position at the expense of all the other world nations. They think they are being smarter, more cunning by coming up with just out-right excuses that they try to support their positions, their unlawful actions, but in reality acting stupid, and/or coy to not honor the agreements it vowed/signed to abide by just shows/proves to the whole world that China’s word is no good, and China cannot be trusted!

China for years was denied entry into the WTO because they have a history of not honoring their agreements but even with many Countries objecting they were finally approved for entry in December, 2001.

So after many years of China cheating, ripping off companies that want access to compete fairly in the Chinese markets, President Trump finally said enough is enough, called China out, and set the stage for a trade war or a reciprocal trade agreement – their choice.

Let’s review the facts:

  1. In World War 2 U.S. and China were friends and worked together.
  2. The communists took over China after World War 2 and the non-communist Chinese government went to the Island of Formosa, now Taiwan who is still our friend.
  3. The Communist Chinese entered the Korean War which communist North Korea started and after Mc Carter had them pushed back until Communist China entered the War and sided with Communist North Korea killing many Americans, South Koreans and our Allies.
  4. In the 1970’s American Businesses, Companies got greedy to cut costs, increase profits and started off-shoring American jobs overseas to China which at the time was a poverty stricken, hungry society – a 3rd world toilet that an advanced society like Europe and the U.S could not compete with in low-cost labor wages (Developed vs. Undeveloped Country).
  5. So today Communist China, anti-capitalism, competes with the rest of the world by unfairly doing the following:
  6. Pegging the yuan to the US Dollar (China GDP growth 12% per year – US 2% growth per year so no way can yuan not inflate more than the dollar) better known as Currency Manipulation giving them a 30% advantage.
  7. Subsidizing government and so-called private sector businesses another 30% advantage? Additional note, In the US unemployment pays around $300 dollars a week but with a $100 dollar a week subsidy a 33% savings and additional income taxes to state and federal government with more people being employed because company’s profit margin goes up.
  8. Dumping excess goods to lower prices (supply, demand equal price) and put competitors out of business, less competition in future to get higher prices then and potential Country security issues if they lose manufacturing sector/base.
  9. China dumps all over international law, patents, intellectual property (does not pay royalties- a cost of doing business legally, fairly) etc.
  10. Other costs US tax payers ante-up for, (a cost of doing business) are a US International high-seas commerce protection – our US Navy. China only has a Coast Guard to protect their National waters, and do not have an international Navy to protect their shipping on the seas from pirates etc. That is a hidden cost of doing business that the US tax-payers cover.
  11. US since World War 2 has been a responsible world superpower that has not annexed any territory/countries but instead have stood up to bully countries who invade and take land by force. China has and is currently disputing lands with Japan, India, Philippines, Vietnam to name a few, plus despite non-communist Taiwan not wanting to be a part of Communist China, China is threatening to invade and take it by force, China is building Islands to use as Air Craft Carriers, which do not sink, to intimidate their neighbors as they seek to do their land grabs. They also are unlawfully making international waters their territorial waters and are committing acts that could lead to war.
  12. China is violating the United Nations sanctions on North Korea, providing banking, goods on the UN sanction list and even under the cover of night use Chinese ships to unload cargo to North Korean ships to smuggle in banned goods, not the actions of a Nation wanting to be accepted into the responsible world family!

China has openly stated they want to over-take the United States status as the number one power, and History has already shown that communist China is not a friend to the United States as they sided with communist North Korea (killed Americans), communist Russia, Iran which all would like to see America fall who up to today has kept their aggression in check!

China is no longer a 3rd world toilet because greedy American Businesses gave them the means to grow out of that status which they could not do on their own, and now the baby tiger is a grown tiger (we feed it) which the world has to deal with ( huge cost well beyond the initial low wages savings), but before they get more powerful, get more aggressive biting the hand that feed them, we must get a world-wide coalition to include Japan, Australia, India, Middle-East Countries, Europe, England, Canada, South America etc. to keep the tiger’s aggression in check, and force them to be a good neighbor and abide by the world community rules which to-date they have not done voluntarily!

China would do well to heed the wise words of wisdom  from  their own Country-man, the great Chinese Philosopher/Teacher Confucius –  Where Confucius say – it is better to save A*S than to save Face, because without A*S you have no Face to save!

Great American 3 letter Philosophy much better – CYA – Cover you’re A*S !  bài bài la – Bye bye!


Daniel Myslakowski

The Villages, FL

Formerly of Lake Orion