With love & gratitude: ‘Welcome Home’

With love & gratitude: ‘Welcome Home’

A powerful heartfelt message for us all.

I had the privilege of introducing our Lake Orion 2018 Honored Veteran Kenneth “Bill” Smith at the Orion Area Chamber of Commerce picnic and sharing his story:

Three tours in Vietnam, the final year on a swift boat where every day might be his last. Bill thanked the group and shared a feeling he, and so many thousands of Vietnam War veterans experienced.

Bill said, “Thank you everyone, for 48 years I have wondered what this moment would be like…to be welcomed home.”

His gratitude, pride and emotion were palpable.

Thank you, Bill, for your service, for all Vietnam War veterans who for no fault of their own, were never welcomed home and honored for the hell and sacrifice they endured…we were just 48 years late in saying “Thank You”

It is said the Korean War was the “forgotten war.” Our Vietnam Veterans were the “forgotten soldiers.”

War is war…every brave American who gives us their life as a blank check to serve our country deserves a “Welcome Home” our undying gratitude, and the recognition they have earned.

What we can learn from our Honored Veteran program is the very real bravery and heroism of our Lake Orion and Oxford Veterans wearing that “Veteran” hat.

Please, when you see a Veteran, thank them. You may never know the love and meaning your appreciation has for those who walked through hell for us.

Thank you, Bill, we needed that reminder.

– Jerry Narsh,

Lake Orion Police Chief