Remembering Bruce

We all can learn from the way he lived . I don’t want pizza out of the dumpster but wouldn’t mind being “fine” more of the time.
Simple life, simple needs, simple cares. We’ll miss you Bruce.

John Enright


I was just reading a story on Reddit about the homeless and it made me think of Bruce so I googled him. I’m very sad to hear of his passing, since the last time I looked him up, the community had helped him get an apartment
He wasn’t one of the people holding up a sign asking for money but wearing perfectly clean clothes.
No, you could just tell Bruce was legit and he even wore a trash bag in the winter to stay warm and dry.
I was always happy to see there were people stopping to talk to him and give him food. I stopped a few times to see if he needed anything. He would usually decline and I’d give him $20 anyways so he could get a meal.
One time he actually did ask for a new walkman because his had just broke, so I picked up one with some batteries at the Kmart.
I asked him if he wanted me to try to contact his family, and he declined. I don’t know if he had children. I did ask how he ended up homeless, and he said he was working at one of the shops that had closed down and he wasn’t able to find another job.
I hope you died peacefully, my friend.

Matt Montgomery

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