Finding Zeal In Seasonal Changes

Where has the year gone? It’s almost October already! But, I encourage you to find balance and be okay with the speed this year took. Be at peace, speak well of it, by using your zeal, joy and zest.
Why? As a child of the Great Organized Designer, you deserve to have the best energies aligned with you through all seasons of change. No matter how quickly they pass, keep thinking positive because that brings more positivity to you!
Being in Unity every month we recognize one of the 12 Powers of Man from Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore. The month of October is the power of zeal. This power can be a struggle to put in action. Especially during this time of year when the days are shorter and there is so much more darkness. Plus, our nice warm summer days have cooled off. These changes can make it a bit challenging to be enthusiastic about what’s coming. (I love sunny days.)
The positive action of the power of zeal is for us to be enthusiastic! Sometimes we have to dig deep into ourselves to find our enthusiasm. Zeal is also a time to sink into what drives our bus, or, what we are passionate about. It’s also a time to be energetic and motivate ourselves and others.
During this year I admit to dragging my feet on hosting a spiritual festival at Unity of Lake Orion. I enjoy those days tremendously, but there was no zest in me to create it. Things were not falling into place so I released it until the timing seemed right.
When thinking about doing something big, like hosting a festival, or something small, like a first date, either can seem daunting or overwhelming. Knowing that and understanding it is important because awareness is the first key to everything. And, it may be the push you need to get you out into the world. There you will find people or a community who supports your way of thinking and adds zeal to your life.
Zeal and zest make doing and planning easier. Brainstorming with others and hearing their ideas can be motivating to you. Next thing you know enthusiasm enters your life. Your thoughts become clearer and you find that you have mixed your thoughts with your creativity making them come to fruition.
Life changes like the seasons do. If you notice you are not releasing old stuff freely or not budding new ideas, reach out to others for inspiration. We all need community. A place or group where we will learn, grow, share and find joy. In our center, we’ve got that! So, while chatting, planning and creating with a few wonderful and energetic young ladies our fall spiritual event was created. It will take place on Nov. 4. (See our website for more information.)
For me, life is about energy. Whatever energy is active in the world has an influence on our weather changes and us. We then have the job of aligning and balancing ourselves with those energies. Different energy produces different vibrational frequencies with which we align. The sun, or lack of it, most likely gives off a lot of the frequencies.
This time of year, the leaves respond to those frequencies and are beginning their color change. Take note of those changes and align your own energies to these changing times.
I admit, it looks pretty outside, and I enjoy being in the present moment with all the changing beauty, but there is something more significant that those colors represent. They mean the year is closing out soon. Remember, like the changes in nature, our lives are changing too.
We have just a few months to complete any changes we decided on in January. It’s time to look over our year, evaluate it and prepare to start a new year. Ask yourself; “Did I accomplish the goals I decided on earlier this year?” If not, why? Is there something you can do now to keep yourself headed in your best direction?
After the leaves fall from the trees we clean them up just like we clean up our own thoughts. Next, throughout winter, the trees will spend months in a dormant state, their new buds preparing for next spring. We will also be resting more and spending more time indoors contemplating what spring will bring to us.
Use your zeal when noticing the change of seasons. Be passionate about sharing in the energies of change that are moving through this time of year. Enjoy nature’s actions and beauty as it nudges you to make changes too.
Be like the changing leaves; willing to let all old ungratifying ways fall off. Find new ways and new people who help you energize yourself to be the best you that you can be. Then go out and share you with the world.
Find your passion; exercise it with enthusiasm and zeal, find joy in these changing times!
Blessing you with a wonderful fall season,
Linda La Croix
Linda La Croix is Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion.

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