November election costs more than just the election

While reading the minutes of recent DDA meetings, I noticed that an expenditure of $12,425.98 was paid for attorney fees for the suit against Oakland County and a local village resident.
Also, that board voted to dismiss further litigation on the petition regarding the election held in November. The suit was in effect to stop that election, but the court ruled to allow the election. The village was a co-member in this suit and I believe that the village has decided to also dismiss their interest.
My point is that this suit was ill conceived. The Oakland County Board of Elections certified the petition and language and ordered the election. The suit caused both the village and DDA to engage attorneys, as well as Oakland County and our local resident to do the same. I assume that all parties involved in this case probably had similar attorney expenses.
The net effect was to spend resources, both time and money from all affected parties including the court system of Oakland County. The bottom line is the election was held, the citizens got to say what they desired, but at the expense of time and resources expended.

Harry Stephen
Lake Orion

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