DDA’s Lumber Yard project needs to move forward with a qualified project manager

In November 2023, the voters decided to fully fund the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority for another 15 years.
The DDA and the Lake Orion Village Council approved the sale of $5,000,000 in bonds. Now that the DDA is fully funded, it is imperative that it moves forward with it’s goals and objectives.
But before any of this can really get started a new director must be hired! Once that is accomplished then the work on the DDA’s projects should start.
If possible, I’d hope the new Director, would be a skilled “project manager.” The new entryway project on M-24 (the former Lake Orion Lumber Yard site) needs to move forward in an expeditious way, so that the village can enjoy it’s benefits.
If the new director doesn’t have the skill set of project management, then I’d suggest that a project manager be hired to execute the details of this major addition to our community.
Harry Stephen
Lake Orion

Editor’s Note: The Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors was scheduled to meet on Feb. 20 after Lake Orion Review press time. The meeting agenda includes an item for “DDA Staffing.”
In the board’s agenda packet were two recommended motions: To authorize DDA Board Chair, Debbie Burgess, to make decisions on behalf of the DDA Board for the hiring process for an executive director; and to present the candidate and compensation package to the Lake Orion Village Council on March 11, 2024 for review.

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