Lake Orion Community Schools should turn the Orion Center into an Environmental Center for students

What the school district could do with the Orion Center is the creation of an Environmental Education Center.
There is no more important issue pressing our future than global warming, plastic petroleum products and chemical contamination.
Orion schools district is uniquely situated with thousands of acres of state, county and township forest, open space, lakes and streams.
Partnering with the Michigan State University with advanced environmental student studies, programs, degrees and placement.
Some school districts are know for engineering, music, theater, arts etc.
Lake Orion School District could become a school system know for its Environmental Education leadership.
What a great opportunity for future students and generations!
Mac Deuparo

Editor’s Note: The Orion Township Board of Trustees voted at its April 1 meeting to authorize Supervisor Chris Barnett and the township attorney to enter into negotiations with Lake Orion Community Schools for a potential sale of the Orion Center. See “Orion Twp. to sell the Orion Center” in the April 3, 2024 issue of The Lake Orion Review for more information.

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