Letters: Have an impact in the village – run for Lake Orion Village Council, resident says

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Have an impact in the village – run for Lake Orion Village Council, resident says
Your home and village need your involvement! This November’s election will include the selection for members of the Lake Orion Village Council. The council is the backbone of our community, and all decisions affecting the village are authorized by them. This is a nonpartisan position, and they should be filled by residents who truly are concerned about the welfare of our community.
We have many issues that are unique to our village, (density, a lake under joint jurisdiction, aging infrastructure, a main thoroughfare, increasing fees and taxes, just to name a few).
When the last vacancy for council occurred we had, I believe, five people apply for the appointment. The six elected council members appointed their seventh member.
Now is the opportunity for you to have an impact on the future of our village. It’s relatively easy, get a petition from the village, get at least 25 resident signatures, and if you meet basic qualifications, you will be on the November ballot.
I personally served on council for about 20 years and found that it was a very satisfying experience.
Once again I encourage my fellow residents to get involved, and hopefully get the satisfaction of serving and benefiting our community.
Harry Stephen
Lake Orion
Editor’s Note: The Lake Orion Village Council candidates will appear on the Nov. 5 General Election ballot. There are four seats up for election. The three candidates with the most votes will serve four year terms; the fourth place candidate will serve a two year term. Candidates can pick up filing packets at Orion Township Hall, 2323 Joslyn Rd., from the clerk’s office and must file an affidavit of identity and nominating petitions.
The deadline to file is 4 p.m. July 23.

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