Fix the roads

I moved to Lake Orion a few years ago. I previously lived in a RV for two years, traveled to 12 states, and have lived in countless cities and three states.
Never in my recollection have I driven on worse roads than Miller Road between the roundabout and Conklin Road.
Driving north on Conklin Road is not much better. The dirt roads here (I’ve lived on several) are the most poorly maintained I have ever experienced. The grading is done very well, but not nearly often enough. In contrast, our property taxes are more than twice what I have paid living anywhere else.
My wife and daughter both have serious health issues, necessitating several trips weekly to local doctors and hospitals. If they’re not feeling well, I have to drive 5-10 miles per hour to get them to M-24 comfortably.
With millions of dollars being spent on the DDA and other road projects, how are these roads not a priority?
Other than this problem, I’m very happy with the decision we made to move here. I have absolutely no issue with anything or anyone, and we enjoy this city.
But please, to whoever can make this happen, fix our roads!

John Sharpe
Lake Orion

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