Open house moves put-off work to DO-it-NOW

It was maybe her sophomore year in high school that granddaughter Karen Offer told me (that’s right, told me) she was going to have her graduation open house party at our house. My attention span to her talking is no more than an iota and probably closer to nil. A few minutes of her inserting, […]

Lilacs, congress, spending fashion, more good stuff

They’ve now faded away like so many thoughts, but it seemed to me the lilac blossoms this year were more lush than ever, but lacked the fragrance we all love. — 0 — Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Bloomfield Hills, on the search for Jimmy Hoffa, ‘We can’t spend money for days and weeks and months looking […]

Eliminating accumulations

Don’t stop me even if you’ve heard this one. Friend Charlie Stilwell had finished his dinner at Oxford Hills Golf & CC, but had some edibles on his plate, when waitress Jenise asked, ‘Wanna box for that?? Charlie responded, ‘No, but I’ll wrestle you for it!? – – – 0 – – – I was […]

Those donated political $s are buying something

Those donated political $s are buying something Can you think of any way that all the millions of dollars being spent on political campaigning will result in a brighter future for our state/country? I don’t like starting a column with a question, particularly one to which there is no defendable answer, but doggone it, this […]

No one mentioned my cleaned eaves

I have all the empathy possible for people who have open houses for their graduating children. Everything has to be SO right, outside and inside the host’s property. Even if a large tent is in the plans for an obvious outdoor event, dusting, window washing, cleaning, bed making, etc. has to done inside. Portable johns […]

Shayna’s eat anything, go anytime mind-set’s gone

For you Jottings readers who don’t like to read about ma’dog Shayna, come back next week. I’m finding that Shayna is being inconsistent in her eating and actions. Since I took her for her first ride in the car, she has acted like it was her only love. In the car, head out the window, […]

A collection of stuff I like to call humor

Following are bits collected from anywhere but the internet. I not only do not understand why that word is supposed to be capitalized, I stubbornly refuse to enter it. Mostly this stuff comes from the UP Monthly Magazine, formerly the Porcupine Press. – – – 0 – – – ? My mother taught me everything […]

I write letters, but does it make a difference

I’ve mentioned that I write a lot of letters. Usually I try to make them uplifting, but when it comes to complaining to manufacturers, the responses can be curt. Here’s one I wrote to Sunbeam Products about their Oster toaster: ‘To whom it may concern, which is probably nobody, ‘Some months ago, when I decided […]

The American Way of giving needs changing

Favorite bumper sticker: If you can read this, thank a teacher. If it’s in English, thank a soldier. – – – 0 – – – Seriously, readers, don’t you think the United States ought to consider dropping its membership in, and support for, the United Nations? If not that extreme, perhaps there is some way […]

Second TV voice in game booth major redundancy

Baseball was my game in my growing-up years. As a freshman in Owosso High School I pitched three, 5-inning games for the Trojans, allowing a total of five runs, but lost two games. Next year, I was in Morrice High School where the coach-science teacher-librarian-counselor ‘knew? that a tall baseball player had to play first […]

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