Click it to help budget?

I know wearing a seat belt while driving is a state law. And, I usually buckle mine. But, I do it reluctantly. I do it because I don’t want to pay any branch of government more money. And, I don’t do it believing it will save my life. Safety belts have not eliminated deaths. Statistics […]

Advising brides, grooms with ‘R? last names

Advising brides, grooms with ‘R? last names Hope it’s not too late in June to give child naming advice to newly-or about-to-be-weds. After being told about a cougar attacking a pregnant cow near Glennie, and not being able to find any newspaper account of it, (Do you realize six newspaper serve Alcona County?) I decided […]

Cougar attacks go unreported by DNR

One doesn’t have to spend much time in Alcona County before the subject of cougars comes up. We were drawn there by a tale (tail) told by Fred Latta, Oxford developer/builder. He said a cougar had jumped a pregnant cow near Glennie, bit its tail off, and scratched hide off its back and legs as […]

The Fourth: Red, white & blue all through

I love everything about the Fourth of July except the fireworks. Love the parades with decorated bikes and trikes, dogs with colorful bandana collars, babies waving American flags from their strollers, marching bands with patriotic music, etc. But not the fireworks. I even like parade-participating politicians. And, the picnics, beaches, shade, lounges, convertibles, potato salad, […]

Twins dress for bed, male swimmers, etc.

Twins dress for bed, male swimmers, etc. I just got around to asking which twin was born first, Haley or Trevor. I asked their sister, Savannah. ‘Trevor by three minutes,? she said. Being a girl at 5, she is also taller than he, which she’s quick to tell you. For those who like our twin-tales, […]

A smattering of shower-taking thoughts

Observation: Grass grows faster at night. The lawn always looks like it needs mowing in the morning. People who use washcloths in the shower to clean their ears often push water into their brain which leads to sloshy thinking. This unknown and unproven fact occurred to me while I was pushing water in my ear […]

Did you know you have an obese knee?

A dozen or more years ago Dr. Harold Portnoy repaired a disc in my back. Since then I have diagnosed myself, each and every ache, pain or catch in my back. I thought I was doing pretty good at self-doctoring until my left leg started going numb when I stood still very long. Ibuprofen, aspirin […]

Hardware was his game, business his name

With a loan from his father, Tommy Toteff went into the hardware business in Pontiac. Driven by a goal of to not fail, he ultimately had four hardwares ? Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Waterford and Oxford. The Oxford store was always managed by son Tom, with his dad’s oversight. When the three stores became one, Tommy’s […]

‘More men are trying socklessness?

The above is a headline from the Sunday Detroit daily newspaper. I’d say Free Press, but I wouldn’t want readers to think I read it. Quoted are designers and socks makers. I read no quotes from the man on the street, the man in the stadium or the man in the bar. The first quote […]

Hospitals vs. gov’ment: public gets it both ways

I’ve always referred to Roger Oberg as my friend. The retired superintendent of Oxford Area Schools treated me well in that job and, I’ve thought, continues this treatment. By his chosen profession he’s a prolific reader, curious and a searcher for humor. And, when finished with a paper, he passes it on, knowing my propensity […]

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