The American Way of giving needs changing

Favorite bumper sticker: If you can read this, thank a teacher. If it’s in English, thank a soldier.
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Seriously, readers, don’t you think the United States ought to consider dropping its membership in, and support for, the United Nations?
If not that extreme, perhaps there is some way U.N. leadership could be changed.
The U.S. is this organization’s largest contributor — of our tax money. Our tax money, which is being given, and I mean given, to peoples who, in at least one case, ‘lost? $50 million, wrapped in $1,000 bill packages.
Our government can do enough of this misspending, Katrina comes to mind, on its own. It doesn’t need help from the likes of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan.
Scandals involving this man and his son are rampant.
Perhaps the United Nations is doing some good in depressed Africa, etc., but at the same time people in Iraq are using a U.N. headquarters to hide missile launchers, which means men of fighting age are there also.
What are the U.N. peace keepers doing about it? Cynically I could say, ‘Serving white wine.?
At this writing the conflict in the Middle East is growing in intensity, each side blasting and killing, buildings and civilians . . . continuing a practice of hate based on beliefs generation after generation has promoted.
Reasoning there cannot be practiced, because it is crowded out by minds filled with hate, revenge and greed. No thought seems to be given to peace. No thought to what if we just stop, try to live within our borders and let others do the same.
Gone is any semblance of trust, probably on all sides.
And, of course, Hezbollah has helpful neighbors, neighbors who provide weapons, tools, training and support for a continuance of a struggle that has gone on for centuries and they wish to prolong ‘to get what is rightfully theirs.?
So, each side inflicts death and injuries to ‘innocent women and children,? as the tv stations continue to point out.
However, in one target hit by Israeli shells, a building which housed Hezbollah fighters in the past, now housed only women and children and no men of fighting age.
It was like the Hezbollah militants deliberately put women and children in harms way to sway public opinion against the Israelis
Of course, I have no way of knowing or proving that, but there are a whole bunch of shenanigans going on over there that make the United States and the United Nations blameful.
Between the anti-Bush picture burnings and the U.S. and U.N. flag desecrations we, the most generous country in the world, appear to be coming the most hated country in the world.
I realize we cannot live in isolation, and we have to ‘think more global,? but perhaps we ought to pull in some money reins.
The more we give, grant and loan (?), the more the receivers think they have coming. Whatever we give will never be enough to many. It’s a gimme and take world out there and I think we should slow our giving, lessen our grantings, invoke a ‘cease giving? period and see what happens.
Perhaps the nations with their hands out could find a way to fulfill their needs or likes without our country’s freebies.
Giving money ? the source of all evil ? to the greedy (who may not be needy), to the said-to-be-stricken and others who want our dollars, but fail to find ‘thank yous? in their news releases should be lessened, if not stopped.
I believe there should be a change in the ‘American Way.?

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