Taboo topic tests turbulent tributaries

I’m sure you have noticed how words we have always known to be off-color have made their way into prime time television. While this has been happening more and more in the electronic media, it has been kept out of the newspaper end of the media, for the most part. A viewer no longer has […]

Of lost socks and residue build-up

I wear long, black socks most of the time, but especially in winter. They should be easy to keep track of, but from time to time I lose one in the wash, much like every other person who does laundry. As I searched for a lost one recently, I remembered hearing Ray Stevens? singing, ‘Where […]

Bacon, sausage, hot dogs, Judge Alito and Adlai Stevenson

I asked for, and got, a new electric razor for Christmas. It’s a Braun. It came with its own cleaning stand and a readout screen that tells you when it’s dirty. Ain’t that nice? It, along with every other product these days, came in three languages: English, French and Espanol. What I really found interesting […]

A slow ride through snow-covered pines

There are 400,000 snowmobiles in the entire state of Michigan, so I realize I’m writing to few riders, but hopefully others will hang on for a moment. We’ve tried to make the third weekend of January our snowmobile outing for the year. Such has been our routine for over 20 years, with participants varying from […]

On the other hand, he’s not exactly quick

I am not a slow thinker! I am not a slow thinker! I am not a slow thinker! Just because I didn’t secure Shayna in the car, and she’s gotten loose three times before I made tying her in a habit, does not make me a slow thinker. Stupid, maybe, but not slow. Not that […]

More on Ray Stevens, an ‘old-line? comedian

My column on Ray Stevens Jan. 18 prompted Robert Q. Orick to write the following. * * * Dear Jim, Thank you for your thoughtful & hilarious article about Ray Stevens. My brother and I have been big fans of him for years. We caught his stage show last September at his Ray Stevens Theatre. […]

Michelle gets a pull, Jennifer gets a push

Groin pulls are for men. Big, ol? football-playing, track-running, rebounding, and sliding into bases men get groin injuries. Girls should get something else. It just ain’t ladylike to read about a female pulling her groin. When Michelle Kwan had to remove herself from Olympic skating competition couldn’t her doctors or publicist have just said she […]

A potpourri of good stuff for this column

? I’ve had a picture in my file for several months that stirs me, but hasn’t caused me to comment. In the background is a color guard leading a parade. There are people sitting on the curb watching, and one man standing in the foreground. The caption is, ‘The only person standing is the man […]

What’s in back counts (in automobiles, too)

I’ve become a lot more interested in cars lately. I suppose it’s due partly because mine is four years old, and partly because it’s the season. Starting with the extreme ballyhooing of International Auto Show in Detroit in January, continuing across the nation with other cities? shows, and because that’s what we do as spring […]

Just jotting

I have even more proof that you’re never too old to learn, not that any was needed. And it involves my own trade, a preacher and a woman. It is also an unsavory tale of stealth, smuggling and the King of England. The first printing press in the United States was financed by the nonconformist […]