Shayna’s eat anything, go anytime mind-set’s gone

For you Jottings readers who don’t like to read about ma’dog Shayna, come back next week.
I’m finding that Shayna is being inconsistent in her eating and actions. Since I took her for her first ride in the car, she has acted like it was her only love.
In the car, head out the window, tongue out and occasional glances at me with that ‘thank you? look in her clear blue eyes. She loved it!
My driver’s seat also seems to be her favorite cuddle seat, perhaps because I cover so much of it and leave the leather welcomingly warm.
Then today, Shayna wouldn’t even look at the car when I opened the door. I drive a van and all doors can be activated from my seat. Before, even the initial opening noise would get her hopping ready.
Today I opened the doors, called to her and even started driving away. No reaction. She just went on sniffing the grass. I got out and checked. There was only grass to sniff. What the heck is that all about?
Last year, Shayna loved my fried zucchini. This year, she won’t touch it. Why? I breaded it with the same ingredients, fried it the same and served it to her right from the table, like last year.
She acted insulted, like she deserved better, or wanted cracker crumbs instead of bread crumbs, or expected maybe a candle. I don’t know. It tasted great to me.
Shayna’s favorite right now is ice cream. When she doesn’t come after a couple calls before my bedtime, I yell, ‘Shayna? Want some ice cream??
Her jingling collar can be heard immediately. I’ve learned to step aside right after the call, lest I get bumped too hard.
My favorite ice cream is butter pecan. To my knowledge Shayna doesn’t know what that tastes like. She gets vanilla. The cheapest vanilla I can find. I’m not going to spoil her.
Among her other food choices are crab legs, pie-crusts, pickled bologna, prime rib, bacon, raspberry jam on toast, crunchy cereal (plain), fried salt pork and coffee cake.
Her least favorite is artificial flavoring. I paid $9 for a bottle of bacon flavoring, poured some on her dry dog food and she wouldn’t touch it. I left it in her cage two days and she decided she’d rather starve.
Shayna rode in the front seat with me as I towed the Clarkston News float in the Fourth of July parade. By actual count there were 16 million people lining the streets, more than half of them young people, with hands outstretched hoping for an ice cream bar or candy treat.
Shayna ogled each of them, getting as close as possible with her head out the window. And, I figured out what was making her so happy. She heard, ‘Look at those bright blue eyes? so often, she thought she was a movie starlet.
Nobody even saw me. If there’s a next year, Shayna’s driving and I’m going for the admiring glory. Of course, I’m kidding. Shayna can’t drive. But I am going to learn ventriloquism and we’re going to have some great fun pointing out people’s flaws, praising some gals, insulting guys and spreading dog jokes.
‘Hey, did you hear the one about the guy going into the bar with Fido on his neck??
The bartender asks, ‘Where’d you get the dog?? And, the dog says, ‘Oh, he just picked me up.?
We’ll have a million of them come next parade time.
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Parting thoughts . . .
Make time for yourself.
Laugh heartily.
Spread joy.
Take a chance.

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