My ‘yard art? girl has been violated

If you were a reader of Jottings last October 5 you may recall the boasting of the art form known, at least by some, as ‘yard art.? Therein was a picture of my antique manure spreader — in all it’s a rare, rusted, rotting beauty . To draw drivers? attention off the boring road, I […]

Really, likes outnumber dislikes if you think on it

I believe there are many more things out there we like than dislike. I also believe dislikes are mentioned most often. This week we’re going to give you some of both, but I encourage you to list yours. It’s a good pastime. First, I like grandkids stories, like this one. Last summer granddaughter Savannah, 10, […]

‘Whitey? has been our pressman for 50 years

‘Whitey? has been our pressman for 50 years On a recent Saturday afternoon I went into our normally-closed printing plant and saw ‘Whitey? Hauxwell working on one unit of our 5-unit press. A replacement part had come in and he chose this down time to install it. Please note, I said ‘he chose this time.? […]

Some signs of Spring interesting, believable

First of all, forget anything you’ve heard or read about sighting the first robin having any meaning when it comes to Spring. Several showed their red breasts in my yard when there was a couple inches of snow on the ground. They must just get an urge to fly north, you know, like snowbirds who […]

Just jotting

Just jotting President Bush has said many times, our country should allow immigrants to come here to do ‘an honest day’s labor.? Since 90 percent of what’s being printed and talked about these past several weeks is the treating of illegal immigrants, they must be the persons Mr. Bush is referring to. Let’s see now, […]

Decaying morals lead to rotten language

What triggered my liver was a street reporter in Detroit using a word that has become all too common when referring to how angry someone is. A man had become so upset that he shot another. The reporter said he was, ‘P—-d off!? If I’d had a rerun button I’d have played that over and […]

Conway & Korman, loved & remembered

Harvey Korman is 79. Tim Conway is 72. Ninety percent of the people who came to see them at the Soaring Eagle Casino were in the same age bracket. These are the people who watched the duo perform for many years on the Carol Burnett television show. They did single and double skits then, and […]

Want a lift? Go to a kindergarten concert

There they stand. Twenty seven 5 and 6-year-olds, squirming and waving (except for our Haley and Trevor who barely moved, including their lips) until the teacher puts a finger to her mouth. Then, total silence. Total stillness. I should have had that control over our kids at that age, or any age. Most of the […]

Trying acupuncture, or: Oh, well, worth a shot

But, first: Ran across this George Carlin comment, and loved it: ‘If a turtle loses its shell, is it homeless or naked?? And, second: I can’t start telling you about ‘The Acupuncture Experience? without some background noise. A decade or so ago I had back surgery. Dr. Harold Portnoy diagnosed my disc problem quickly and […]

Some reminiscing, some observations

I’m writing this on a beautiful, sunshiny day (May 22) so it’s difficult to concentrate on one subject. Of course, it can be difficult to think of just one subject on rainy days, too. I’ll bet not many of you Jottings readers know there is a National Hanging Out Day. It’s April 19. When I […]

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