Eliminating accumulations

Don’t stop me even if you’ve heard this one.
Friend Charlie Stilwell had finished his dinner at Oxford Hills Golf & CC, but had some edibles on his plate, when waitress Jenise asked, ‘Wanna box for that?? Charlie responded, ‘No, but I’ll wrestle you for it!?
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I was sitting on an aisle at Oxford’s football stadium waiting to see granddaughter Karen receive her diploma. As some of the 239 seniors walked down the aluminum steps past me, I noticed their shoe heels made a lot of noise.
None seemed to be wearing the too-popular flip-flops. Later I asked Karen’s mother about that. Daughter Luan said the orders were: ‘No flip flops, bare feet, messages on hats or beach balls, etc.?
The seniors were handed water bottles as they left for the ceremony and many had cell phones, which I would have banned. Some used their phones to call their parents in the stands. They called and waved and, I guess, stopped their parents from wondering if they made it.
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Have you seen what the toilet paper company Kimberly-Clark as come out with to teach the four-sheet wipe? Parents like it because it combines counting with saving.
Under the Cottonelle name, Kimberly-Clark printed blue dog steps up the roll to a print of a yellow dog opening a trunk of toys sitting in a puddle of water.
Are tykes as influenced by the sight and sound of water as we adults? That was one of the questions I asked in a letter to Kimberly-Clark, which they didn’t respond to. I also asked if they consulted with home designers or builders on how high to put the paper-holder on the wall, on the holder size and did the placement have anything to do with the seat height?
Companies like Kimberly-Clark pay big money to public relations people, so why didn’t they answer these important queries?
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I wouldn’t say my sister Barbara doesn’t cook much, but she did tell me she’s tired of dusting her stove.
If you want to make sure your dog eats its toast with jam, and does not drop it on the carpet, give it to them with the jam side down. I call it my jam-on-tongue technique.
Since many judges are picked because of their views, conservative, liberal, etc, we have to expect biases in their decision making. But, we don’t have to.
If you took to watching the National Basketball Association playoff games, you’ll know many were on cable and some on networks. The commercials were not only more numerous on network games, but more were also for more mainstream products.
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Pick some flowers.
Share them.
Keep a promise.
Look for rainbows.
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I’m for pulling out of the United Nations. The United States is by far the largest financial supporter of this organization, and also by far the most criticized by other members.
In 2003 there were 85 yes-or-no votes America made in the General Assembly. Arab League member voted against the U.S. position 88 percent of the time; ASEAN members voted against the U.S. position 84.5 percent of the time; Islamic Conference against the U.S. position 84.1 percent of the time; African members voted against the U.S. position 83.8 percent of the time; Nonaligned Movement members voted against the U.S. position 82.7 percent of the time and European Union members voted against the U.S. position 54.5 percent of the time.
The place is a propaganda machine for many, it’s rife with scandal involving misspending of mostly our money and the leadership is vastly lacking in leadership.
The League of Nations didn’t make it after WWI and the United Nations isn’t doing a bit better. Let’s quit and git.
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Money talks, but credit has an echo.
And, it takes more than one to get all the good out of a laugh.

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