Joe Kent brings common sense

I am supporting Joe Kent for state representative because I know he will bring common-sense solutions to Lansing. Joe is a tax accountant and has helped many local businesses to eliminate waste and be more profitable. It’s this kind of thinking and practice that we need in Lansing. As an elected Lake Orion Community Schools […]

We believe in Mark and Penny

We have heard that some of the Trustees were upset that Mark Thurber was not in his office when Mark was with his mother who was very ill, and when Mark’s mother passed away. During this time, Mark was in touch with his Deputy Treasurer and his staff. The township has done very well since […]

Joe Kent for state rep

I am supporting Joe Kent for state representative because he is a hardworking man with a deep commitment to helping others. As a Lake Orion business owner, I have worked with Joe and seen his dedication first-hand. Joe has made his living doing taxes and consulting for small businesses in our community. He has the […]

Another Shults supporter

I have lived in Orion Township for the last 14 years, and I support Penny Shults to remain our Orion Township clerk. Not only is she highly committed to her position as she continues her education in the field, Penny is knowledgeable and caring, with a strong passion for our community. There is simply no […]

Hold Your Nose – Close Your Eyes – And Jump In

At first glance you might think that I am suggesting you don a bathing suit, travel to your favorite beach or lake, and dive in. That would be more refreshing than what is coming up in the next couple of months, especially here in Lake Orion. Yes, it’s primary election time in August and then […]

Resident supporting Shults

I am voting for Penny Shults for Orion Township Clerk. Penny works hard for the community and runs the elections very efficiently. I watch her represent the community at every board meeting and she always takes a stand for what is right. Penny is kind to the people and listens to what we have to […]

Supporting sinking fund

I am writing to state my 100% support of the Lake Orion Community Schools Building and Site sinking fund proposal on August 2nd. This proposal will ask voters to approve a 2 mil increase per year over the next 10 years to make necessary building and facility repairs to preserve the integrity and function of […]

Resident supports Reilly

This year’s election has many consequences. For too many years we as a State and a Nation have been moving in the wrong direction. Our Politicians say one thing and do another both in Lansing and in Washington D.C. The size and cost of government continues to increase. We need politicians that will stand up […]

This resident says No Stinking Fund

When is enough enough? Last year I paid $1,789 just for schools, and that $1,789 did not even include what is called ‘operate’, whatever that means. The $1,789 was 78% of my total Summer Tax bill. Businesses and non-residents pay a whopping 18 mils for ‘operate’ which, if I had to pay would have added […]