Joe Kent brings common sense

I am supporting Joe Kent for state representative because I know he will bring common-sense solutions to Lansing. Joe is a tax accountant and has helped many local businesses to eliminate waste and be more profitable. It’s this kind of thinking and practice that we need in Lansing.
As an elected Lake Orion Community Schools board member, it’s important to me that Joe will fight for local control for our school districts. Joe opposes federal over-reach like Common Core and knows all parents should be given educational choices for their children. The state and federal government continue to pass down mandates, but it’s important that the people who are stakeholders here in Oakland County be the ones making decisions that will impact our schools and future generations.
Our State has too many failing urban and rural school districts. We need to fix this problem as one of our highest priorities. Poor education leads to wasted lives and high unemployment. The solution is not to throw more money at the problem. We must support the good teachers and eliminate the bad.
Joe will be a steady presence in Lansing and someone who comes to the table ready to solve problems and make changes, rather than be satisfied with the status quo. We need a fresh set of eyes and a fresh mind to examine our state’s financial woes and set us on the right track forward.
Join me in voting for Joe Kent on August 2 and send common sense to Lansing.
Bill Holt
Lake Orion resident

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