Supporting sinking fund

I am writing to state my 100% support of the Lake Orion Community Schools Building and Site sinking fund proposal on August 2nd. This proposal will ask voters to approve a 2 mil increase per year over the next 10 years to make necessary building and facility repairs to preserve the integrity and function of all the community’s assets.
Many younger voters probably do not remember Proposal A that was passed in 1993. This proposal substantially cut residents’ property taxes by up to half and the state devised a plan to fund education on a more level playing field across all districts while substantially cutting tax payer’s burden. The second part of the proposal was that the tax payers would be responsible for the community assets. The buildings, to build them and to maintain them via bonds and Building and Site Sinking funds. Many of our neighboring school districts in the county utilize a Building Site and Sinking fund to take care of the communities assets. Lake Orion passed bonds to build the “newer” schools but a Building and Site fund to maintain these buildings has never been proposed.
One example of the need is the “new” high school – as most of us lifetime residents refer to it is 20-years-old – along with all the mechanical and building support equipment. The HVAC systems have been maintained very well throughout the years which is the reason they have lasted this long. These critical items require replacement. This is the only choice. These critical systems will have to be replaced soon with or without the sinking fund. The money to make these improvements will have to come from the general fund and will most certainly effect the programs offered to the students which does not seem like a very good option.
A recent survey of Orion Township residents asked why people moved to Lake Orion; the number one reason was the schools. Lake Orion Community Schools always strives to be a top district in the state and this is due to the ongoing commitment of residents to support our local public education system. The community has built some wonderful facilities and they need to stay wonderful.
I will be voting yes on the Building & Site Sinking Fund because I am proud of the Lake Orion Community Schools and the facilities that this community has built and look forward to seeing the legacy of the Dragons live on for many years to come and I do know that it is the only choice.
Scott Taylor
41 year Lake Orion resident