Resident supports Reilly

This year’s election has many consequences. For too many years we as a State and a Nation have been moving in the wrong direction. Our Politicians say one thing and do another both in Lansing and in Washington D.C. The size and cost of government continues to increase. We need politicians that will stand up for the values that made this country world class. The constitution and the rule of law is what makes this country great and right now both are under assault.
This year we have a strong candidate in John Reilly for the 46 rd District of Michigan. John has been a long time resident of Oakland Township. John is an entrepreneur and business owner and knows how to create jobs. Unemployment in this state and country is not what we are being told. The actual numbers are much higher. By paying attention to business needs and cutting the heavy cost of government John’s plan can help move our state forward.
Obama Care is a burden on our jobs, economy and entire nation. Many in the health care industry, insurance industry and small business are losing their jobs. The level and quality of care continues to diminish. The true effects of this law are not being reported. Under the leadership of John Reilly a
complete abolishment of this law will be a top priority. We need to elect leaders that will do what they say when they go to Lansing and John will do exactly that.
I have been a resident of Lake Orion for the last 48 years. Our small town is not so small anymore but it is still a great place to live and raise a family. I am concerned about our future and the future of our children. Come this November we need to elect a leader that will stand by his values and not waiver.
John Reilly is that man.
Scott Jarvis
Lake Orion resident