Hold Your Nose – Close Your Eyes – And Jump In

At first glance you might think that I am suggesting you don a bathing suit, travel to your favorite beach or lake, and dive in. That would be more refreshing than what is coming up in the next couple of months, especially here in Lake Orion.
Yes, it’s primary election time in August and then a complete election in November that has national implications. Lets concentrate for the time being on Lake Orion.
The recent issue of The Lake Orion Review has a front page column on the school sinking fund proposal and there are also “letters to the editor” about several candidates running for office and of course comments about the sinking fund. Seems the usual suspects are writing letters again to the editor trying to sway us to their suggestion and opinion. Most of the time these letters are self-serving and I say that from someone (myself) who has engaged in a similar fashion come election time. This time I plan to stay out of the fray with a candidate or issue selection because my opinion should not be a bellwether for other voters. People should do research on their own and not be unduly influenced by people who either inflate the accomplishments of a candidate or just out of vindictiveness provide information that is simply untrue.
Some of the endorsements are just silly anyway. Heck, we had one in last week’s for a candidate who was a good geometry student in school. Maybe knowing the difference between an isosceles triangle and a rhombus is a great class accomplishment but how that translates to politics escapes me.
Then we have a candidate who will supposedly lower taxes – doesn’t everyone propose to do that. And of course there are other exhortations about the sinking fund with a lot of numbers and calculations that maybe only the aforementioned geometry student can decipher.
My point is – do your own research. Find out what each candidate has accomplished. What does he or she plan to do in the first ninety days? How are they differentiated from other candidates? And what is their educational and work place credentials? In so far as the millages, read all the details and see if the renewal or the increase parallels your own financial status. Do you want to continue a millage or increase it? Your call. Just don’t vote for a familiar name or a name that sounds impressive. Be your own person and be skeptical of all the letters to the editor you will see in the various papers. And by all means, don’t listen to anything I have to say.
Bill Kalmar
Lake Orion resident