We believe in Mark and Penny

We have heard that some of the Trustees were upset that Mark Thurber was not in his office when Mark was with his mother who was very ill, and when Mark’s mother passed away.
During this time, Mark was in touch with his Deputy Treasurer and his staff.
The township has done very well since Mark has been our Treasurer.
While reading the graduation section of The Lake Orion Review, and looking at the pictures of the graduates of 2016, we were upset to see a picture of the TEAM. The section was meant to honor the graduates.
Since they call themselves the TEAM, how will they vote on an agenda item at a trustee meeting? Will they vote as a TEAM, or will they think for themself when voting?
As long time residents of Orion Township, we are very satisfied with the excellent service we have received from Mark Thurber, Treasurer and Penny Shults, Clerk, and wish to retain them as our experienced public servants.
Jack & Rosalie Ward
Lake Orion residents