NOTA has let him down

NOTA, North Oakland transportation authority, what is it good for? In 2000 I was able to utilize the services of NOTA On a one day notice and it was free at that time. It was free to me because I had become a paraplegic in the year 1999. I utilized their services for a year […]

Resident questions the need for roundabouts

Why do we need traffic circles on Baldwin Road? Because they’re fashionable?? Recently, I’ve conducted business with small business owners along Baldwin Road. The stories I’ve heard are very disappointing. One owner who has been in business for decades on Baldwin has only been offered a rather small amount and only for the building and […]

She’s voting yes for fund

I’m quite surprised at the lack of “yes” votes for the Sinking Fund. I understand that there’s not a lot of want to raise taxes, however, we have to take care of our schools. Lake Orion has already voted down a couple of proposals and millages that would have attended to the specific needs of […]

Donni asks for your vote

I’m Donni Steele and I’m asking for your vote for Treasurer Aug 2nd . I have been a current Orion Township Trustee since 2012 and have served on the following committees: Brown Road Corridor Improvement Authority (Secretary), Polly Ann Trail Management Council (Secretary), Paint Creek Trailways Commission (Treasurer), Orion Community Cable Communications Commission (Deputy Treasurer), […]

“And In This Corner…”

When Muhammad Ali was preparing for a fight, he always promoted the battle by giving it a title such as, “The Thrilla In Manila” or “The Rumble In The Jungle”.  It reflected what was about to take place in the ring.  Perhaps the Orion Township Board of Trustees need to utilize a similar tactic when […]

Support for Donni

Beyond a doubt, Donni Steele is the most qualified candidate for the position of Treasurer of Orion Township. Donni spent her career as a successful businesswoman in the Lake Orion and Oxford area. She productively managed a large real estate office where she proved her skills in fiscal responsibility. Donni is a long-time Lake Orion […]

Join resident with vote for Donni

I never made a public endorsement so please consider this one. I met Donni Steele about eight years ago when we both joined the safety path committee at the same time. She was a true joy to work with even when our opinions or directions were different. She flattered me this past year by revealing she really […]

A yes vote from them

I support this and will be voting Yes on August 2nd.   I have volunteered with the PTO at Scripps for the last 3 years and have seen first-hand what the schools need for our students, but aren’t always able to provide because they don’t have the proper funding.  The PTO fundraises and invests everything back […]

She recommends Jenn

I have known Jenn Zielinski for the past 13 years.  Jenn and I have worked together for many years in the same department sitting next to each other.  She is a great co worker and friend. Jenn Zielinski is a hard worker and will keep on working to get the job done.  Jenn is a […]

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