Resident disturbed by ‘harmful’ letter previously published

I am deeply disturbed that The Lake Orion Review permitted Gregory Weddle’s commentary to be printed regarding the Human Rights Ordinance the Village has been considering. As someone who is privileged to have friends that are gay right here in Lake Orion, I was outraged by Mr. Weddle’s hurtful and harmful comments that were not […]

Resident not comfortable with ‘kinda’ reference

On the front page of the Sept. 7, 2016 Review this quote appeared. “With class back in session this week, the LO school district faces some ongoing challenges,including managing the recently voted in sinking fund, potential school closings and redistricting.” Please tell me this is NOT what I just read..Now, (after the election of course, […]

Consider the consequences of Human Rights Ordinance

For those who are considering the ‘Human Rights Ordinance’ in our community please be aware that there are unintended consequences playing out across this country. I understand that there are good, reasonable people on both sides of this issue but what concerns me are the militant LGBT activists who are now using these laws to […]

Superintendent responds to resident’s concerns

I would like to take the opportunity to respond to the concern expressed by Mary McMaster in last week’s Lake Orion Review regarding the school district’s building and site sinking fund and clarify any misunderstandings about how the funds generated are used. She specifically referred to information on the sinking fund in a previous story […]

What if Hilary Clinton should win in November?

You can expect a huge influx of migrants, immigrants, legal and illegal and others who do not plan to leave this country. Welfare costs will skyrocket. To feed, house and take care of medical needs of thousands of migrants, legal and illegal. Crime rates will increase with undesirables coming for free everything. All welfare offices, […]

Voting for all Dems

Look at the way the republicans treat Hillary Clinton, would you treat your mother or grandmother that way? I never did. How do you think they are going to treat you? The democrats are not the ones making it harder for everyone to vote, the republicans are. Truth is, the GOP is desperate and afraid […]

M-24 Roadwork aka Driving Disaster

While I appreciate the long overdue improvements being made to M-24, I don’t appreciate the lack of thought of its consequences. This is the main thoroughfare into and out of Lake Orion. It is the only route to get to the only high school, a middle school and several housing communities. With the already-in-progress construction […]

Resident expresses concerns about schools

I am concerned about reading a portion of the Lake Orion School District’s Superintendent Marion Ginopolis’ comments wherein she stated at the end of Jim Newell’s article of Wed., Sept. 7, 2016, “that the building and site sinking fund would also allow the district to build up its fund balance. The current fund balance is […]

Bicyclists alert motorist of car fire

Bicyclists alert motorist of car fire Thank you to the bicyclists who alerted our son’s girlfriend that her car was not just overheating, but was flat out on fire as you road on the bike path on Joslyn Road near Joslyn Court on Labor Day at 7:20 p.m. Through your selfless actions only the vehicle […]

Girl Scouts teaches perseverance and overcoming obstacles

Editor’s Note: This letter is part of the Girl Scout’s campaign focusing on girls sharing how their participation in Girl Scouting has helped them to pursue and accomplish goals despite fear of failure or other obstacles. Girl Scouts teaches many principles that help girls develop courage, confidence and character. In my twelve years as a […]

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