Join resident with vote for Donni

I never made a public endorsement so please consider this one. I met Donni Steele about eight years ago when we both joined the safety path committee at the same time. She was a true joy to work with even when our opinions or directions were different. She flattered me this past year by revealing she really […]

A yes vote from them

I support this and will be voting Yes on August 2nd.   I have volunteered with the PTO at Scripps for the last 3 years and have seen first-hand what the schools need for our students, but aren’t always able to provide because they don’t have the proper funding.  The PTO fundraises and invests everything back […]

She recommends Jenn

I have known Jenn Zielinski for the past 13 years.  Jenn and I have worked together for many years in the same department sitting next to each other.  She is a great co worker and friend. Jenn Zielinski is a hard worker and will keep on working to get the job done.  Jenn is a […]

Colleague recommends Zielinski

I am writing this in regards to Jennifer Zielinski. I work with Jennifer at VW Credit, Inc. and I have to say she is the definition of a hard worker. She always is willing to assist those in need and finds ways to make it easier to understand difficult programs and situations. There have been […]

Resident will vote for Jenn

I am writing to not only Endorse but to put my Support behind Jenn Zielinski for the next “CLERK” for our Orion Township community.  As someone who has worked on many initiatives for Oakland County and the State of Michigan and locally here in Orion Township I have come to the understanding that a number of […]

Looking for better accountability

The voters of Orion TWP. should vote down the proposed 10 year 2 Mill Orion School so called a Sinking Fund.  But it really is a millage – a $200.00 or higher tax against your homes $100,000 taxable value due to be paid each year.  If your home has a taxable value of $200,000 or […]

Local business owner supports Zielinski

I am writing a letter to you and the good people of Lake Orion because my voice cannot be heard with a vote. My name is Dr. Andrew Millage. I am an Iraq vet with the U.S. Army 3rd Ranger Battalion. I am a small business owner in Lake Orion and enjoy serving the Lake […]

LO School Sinking Fund- – -Can we talk, please?

On August 2, taxpayers are being asked to vote on a proposed sinking fund to support capital improvements in facilities, including repairs, renovations and replacement projects. If approved it would levy a tax of 2 mils for a period of 10 years with no further opportunity for taxpayer review. A decade without accountability. Sinking Fund […]

Support for Sinking Fund

I am writing to give my support of the Lake Orion Community Schools 10-Year sinking fund. While I understand the arguments of some who feel that we are continually taxed with little to show for it, this proposal is absolutely necessary to preserve the buildings and sites that are the foundation of a top-notch school […]

Trustee voting for Steele

Please join me in voting for Donni Steele for Orion Township Treasurer. The Aug. 2nd local candidacy races are extremely important this year and will have far reaching impact on our community. Donni Steele, current township trustee and lifetime area resident, is seeking the full-time position of Township Treasurer. In the last seven weeks, Donni […]

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